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Four 15 LB. medicine balls are aligned side by side at the 5 yard mark. Matthew, a standout Junior High football player who is just completing the 7th grade and already stands at 6'3 190, with a 4.9 40 starts in a 3 point stance then retrieves each medicine ball executing tight 5 yard runs. The 40 yard medicine ball shuttle is designed to teach young standout football players to control their bodies in a 5 yard area while adding some resistance through the use of medicine balls, which requires even more balance and coordination in this tight area. Our ultimate goal is to keep these young players progressing and have them prepared to meet the demands of performing at high speed on game night, and for the 5-10-5 shuttle and 3 Cone Drill (L Drill) at future combines. I want the change of direction and the shuttle type moves to be natural to these young players by the time they reach high school.

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