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California Dreamin'...Road to the National Championships pt.10

(Day 1/Black tank top) Derrick does drop snathces with 80kg, a 110kg snatch, 110kg power cleans/power jerks, 120kg clean/power (missed the 2nd), came back and doubles 120kg on the power cleans/power jerks, 130kg power clean/power jerks (missed the 2nd jerk), 180kg clean pulls.
(Day 2/ Gray shirt black tights) 80kg muscle snatches, 145kg front squats, 160kg back squats (missed the 5 rep, came back and got it), walking lunges, 110kg stiff leg deadlifts, back extensions.
(Day 3) Upper body
(Day 4 Gray Bless The Gym shirt) 80kg muscle snatch off blocks, 90kg snatch pulls/power snatch/overhead squat complex, 100kg power cleans/push press.

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