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Colts Star QB Peyton Manning Teaches Back Hypers

Quarterback legend Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colt teaches us Back Hypers, along with his strength and conditioning coach Will Bartholomew. ""When doing Back Hypers, what you want to do is get your feet in the hypermachine, and place you hips on the hypermachine. Then when you are coming up you don't want to extend your back too high. You want to come parralel, keep your head down and really squeeze with you glutes and your lower back, to get that full back stregthening exercise. Basically what we are trying to do here is stregthening Peyton's back so that if he takes any kind of blow or makes an awkward movement, he has enough strength to withstand that blow. For the back hypers what we will do here is 3 sets of about 8-10 reps. Once again make sure that you keep that form all the way through.""

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