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Episode 115: Ron McKeefery, PLAE-Where in The World Is Coach Mac, and What Has It Taught Him?

“I think were we need to continue to challenge ourselves is, just because we are good at that, we may be good at the human side of it. We still need to be able to explain why we do what we do and teach up and teach down what we are doing.” Ron McKeefrey

Today we are joined by PLAE Mac Performance’s Ron McKeefrey to discuss his travels and the lessons he’s learned through them. He starts by talking about what his job with PLAE entails, and why he found it so appealing. That leads him right into what differences he sees throughout the world when it comes to strength and conditioning. This includes what parts in the world are leading the way in different aspects, and how each region is improving. Next, he discusses where he sees the US in this whole thing, and what our role is when it comes to improving the profession worldwide. He then touches upon how he has looked at these differences and used them to help develop himself professionally and build his staffs. Mac then discusses his opinion of experience within a sport and how it relates to being the best coach possible. He then finishes with what his world travels have brought to him and how it has made him a better coach and teacher.

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