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Flash Back Friday- 2017, Doug McKenney, Hockey Measurement and Analysis

Today's #FlashBackFriday is CoachMePlus' Doug McKenney's talk from The 2017 Seminar.

Doug McKenney brought 30 years of experience training athletes in the National Hockey League to The 2017 Seminar. Through those 30 years he witnessed first hand the transition from teams in the NHL not having a full time strength coach, to teams monitoring their athletes on a daily basis. Doug brought stories that tied in with the practical and anecdotal information that he witnessed through out his prominent tenure in the league. Throughout the 60 minute talk Doug breaks down how he evaluated his players, what were driving measurements throughout his tenure, and how he brought and presented information to coaches and players breaking down how he monitored, communicated, and evaluated the athletes nutrition plans, sleep and restoration habits, player tracking with load and heart rate monitoring, and many other things teaching the coaches in attendance the steps that have been taken over the past 30 years, so that they have a greater understanding of where the profession has been evolving from to better dictate where the future will lead.
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