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Michigan football players train for NFL Draft

Former Michigan players Mike Martin, Kevin Koger, Ryan Van Bergen, Mark Huyge and Steve Watson participate in a recent workout with Mike Barwis in preparation for the NFL combine and the team's pro day. Barwis is Michigan's former strength and conditioning coach. Not shown is David Molk, who also is training at Barwis Methods.

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Comment by michael David on January 25, 2012 at 10:30pm

1. hope Mike Martin's wrists dont snap off from improper catching of the bar.  Might as well just do a CG High Pull if there's not proper wrist flexibility.   Reason why players should avoid using straps for Oly Lifts...improper catches are very common.  

2. the feet jumping out allow the player to get lower and under the bar.  Ideally he should be pushing his hips back to get lower to catch the bar, as the way he does it puts a lot of stress on his knees.  

3. Van Bergen needs to pull the bar up and extend himself by using his hips, not just cowering down to the bar.  Very little hip extension on these lifts which is where power comes from.

4. MM needs to keep his ass flat in INC DB SA Press.  Spotter should spot on inside of dumbbells so if he loses control, weight doesn't fall directly on player.  

Comment by Brandon Montgomery on January 23, 2012 at 1:48pm

 Great intensity, but when looking at the cleans the feet are jumping out is this how you teach the form?

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