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Posterior Chain Exercises, Part 2 (Unilateral Movements)

In part 2 of our Posterior Chain Exercise series, we continue to highlight exercises that we utilize to improve lagging strength in the hamstrings, and in particular fix imbalances in this video. In Part 1, we discussed the various bilateral movements that we use. In this video, we discuss some of the unilateral movements that we recommend, including the Single-leg Romanian Deadlift (RDL), the Kneeling Hamstring Curl, the Death March, and the 5-cone Touch. California Strength Head Strength Coach, Ernie Hernandez, demonstrates the technique for each exercise, as well as some of the benefits and targeted muscles for each.

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For a more in-depth instruction of the Death March, check out this video that we posted previously on our channel with instruction by Glenn Pendlay, and demonstration by Jon North.

Click here for the previous Death March video -

Check back soon for Part 3, where we will discuss the big movements that we use to work on the posterior chain.

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