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Roger "Huerta Pace" Intense MMA and BJJ Conditioning Workout

In This Video UFC Vet Roger Huerta puts a number of Tiger Muay Thai's Pro MMA Fighters through a grueling and Intense conditioning workout. UFC Welterweight Brian Ebersole, Strikeforce Vet Joe Ray, Desert Force Fighter Tarek Suleiman and Alex Schild. We named Roger's workouts and fighting style "Huerta Pace" because he has unbelievable cardio and doesn't stop when he is sparring and training, which is a very deadly weapon in MMA. Roger's theory is if you and your opponent are on a similar skill level or even if your opponent is on a higher skill level than you, you can still beat him and wear him down with pressure and non stop cardio. This is an example of the type f workout Pro MMA fighters and Top BJJ Athletes Mus go through. This video was sponsored by Onnit Labs and The key supplements to take during this workout are the T+Testosterone, and Shroomtech Sport. The Alpha Brain is very useful for BJJ, Wrestling, Grappling and MMA Sparring wear you need your brain to be more focused and switched on.

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