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Tebow's metabolic conditioning circuit included the following exercises:

Rapid Response Drills: Tebow performs several quick feet drills over a distance of 15 yards per variation

Vertical Set Circuit: Using a barbell, Tebow performs a Clean High Pull, RDL, Low Row, Back Squat and Push Press

Sled Drives: Tebow stays low and pushes the sled for 20 yards

Explosive Bosu Push-Up: Adds an upper-body power element to the circuit

Sledgehammer Tire Pulls: Using the sledgehammers allows Tebow to stay upright and maintain proper body position when pulling the tire

Lateral Quick Feet Ladder Drill: Improves footwork while Tebow is under fatigue

Drop and Sprint Bag Drill: Adds a QB-specific movement to the conditioning circuit

After completing the conditioning circuit, Tebow performs a strength workout using the following exercises:

Incline Tsuki Dumbbell Press: Strengthens the chest, shoulders and triceps; Tebow rotates his palms inward as he lowers the dumbbells to his chest

Batwing Dumbbell Row: Lying face down on incline bench, Tebow pulls the dumbbells up while retracting his shoulder blades, holds for one count, and lowers the dumbbells to start position

Lumberjack Press: Grasping the end of the barbell with one hand, Tebow presses the barbell out and in front of his body

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Comment by michael David on June 5, 2012 at 10:45am

Tebow was under Marotti for 4 years at Florida so don't tell me he doesn't know how to do a Clean...ehh i take that back they probably DID NOT have him clean to protect his wrists. My Bad.  

But what about a clean pull?  Snatch Pull?  med ball work to develop lower body power.  ANYTHING to develop lower body power is not present.  

But hey, his arms look good. 

Comment by michael David on June 5, 2012 at 10:42am

"if you do come in, you're going to work 12 hours a day"  well that's a great workout strategy.  

Everyone that goes to D1 that I've known has come back slower.  They do random ass shit just to impress clients, but what they do is either unsafe, not beneficial, or both.   

Tebow is a quarterback, not a special teams player(as much as the Jets want to use him in that, for some random reason).  Where are his shoulder stability exercises?  What exercises is he doing to strengthen the rotator cuff to avoid injury?  What is he doing to develop total body power?(cleans? Pulls? Snatches? Jerks?  And don't count that "vertical set circuit")  Where is he practicing rotational and anti rotational core exercises(i.e. lateral med ball throws, or a kneeling med ball throw where you start with your upper body left or right and then throwing the ball straight).  If this place is so fancy, what about having vision training for Tebow to see the field better(they might have that but might not have shown it).  What about mobility throughout the lower body?  Does anyone really think that Tebow needs to put on MORE size and strength?  as a QB?

That being said, Tebow is a great role model, hard worker, and I"m sure everyone wishes they had 100 Tebows in the weight room.  But so many athletes are delusional by these "professional" facilities who in reality don't know what the hell they are doing.  

Comment by Adam Sebastian Chamberlain on December 21, 2011 at 12:50pm

No thanks for the nudity on facebook Hester. lol

Comment by Justin Frandson on December 12, 2011 at 6:35pm

Gotta love Tebow! Wish the video showed another dimension of what a pro at that caliber does and should do.  No stretching, balance, reactionary, ambidexterity, lots of linear movements and what Tebow needs the most, finding a rhythm and keeping it. 

Comment by Eric on December 11, 2011 at 10:42pm

Awesome role model for athletes!  Tim Tebow

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