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  • Pull Up plus 80lbs.

    Pull Up plus 80lbs. 0:07

    Brad hitting a PR pull up + 80lbs. His BW is around 170lbs. Eric Martin Mar 7, 2011 76 views

  • 150kg Deadlift

    150kg Deadlift 0:08

    Me hitting a PR on deadlift a month or so ago. My goal is 400, which for my weak ass legs should be… Eric Martin Mar 7, 2011 1/5 star 95 views

  • MVI_7644

    MVI_7644 0:17

    Working a triple on front squats. My legs are my big weakness, trying to get my lifts up!! Eric Martin Feb 9, 2011 61 views

  • MVI_7689

    MVI_7689 0:23

    Dynamic effort box squats. Speed could be better from the bottom. Eric Martin Feb 9, 2011 2/5 stars 102 views

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