Biodegradable bags are a new thing that can eliminate the problems caused by the countless tons of non-biodegradable plastic waste produced by humans.popcorn cups with lids Almost everything we bring home from the store is packaged in non-biodegradable plastic. Disposable packaging for fast food, and we use plastic bags to dispose of our trash almost every day.cold drink paper cup wholesale Every inhabitant of the planet generates a ton of trash every year. The average household uses about
1,500 plastic bags per year. The problem of polymer waste is particularly acute in large cities. Waste is collected and discarded in landfills, where paper cup makers in the United Arab Emirates have left it for hundreds of
years.custom paper cups wholesale The decomposition of conventional polymers can take up to 200 years.
The problem of dealing with plastic can be solved in the following ways.40oz disposable paper salad bowls Conventional plastic materials need to be replaced with biodegradable bags. Using biopolymers in all types of plastic packaging will ensure that they last
from a few weeks to a few years, rather than hundreds of years. The benefit is that many modern companies have mastered the technology of producing environmentally friendly plastics. The polymers break down to form volatile solid
products that do not damage the environment. The breakdown mechanism is as follows: first, oxidation by light, heat and mechanical loading; then biodegradation by microorganisms. Biodegradable plastics are often tested to ensure
that they degrade in the environment through oxidation and biodegradation.wholesale pla mugs Different companies test a variety of environmentally friendly materials. One method of testing is accelerated aging - subjecting the material to high bagasse bowl suppliers humidity, high temperatures and UV radiation for hundreds of hours. If the experimental results show high performance, the bioplastic is used in production.
Biodegradable bags have the following characteristics. They take 1-2 years to cream cups disposable Their degradation products are not toxic. They can be placed in a compost pile. They can be reprocessed. They are as strong as, and in some double pe coated disposable luxsury paper ice cream cup cases exceed, standard plastic. Another important feature to note is that you can even find biopolymer bags for food use; just look for those with food contact certificates. Trillions of plastic bags end up in landfills, adding disposable ice cream cups to the pollution of our planet. To address this problem, eco-friendly polymers have been developed that break down into safe components within a few years. Hyde has begun commercial production of these eco-friendly bags. paper baking cups wholesale cornstarch straws These new products are helping to save our planet from the looming threat of a "trash disaster". By using biodegradable bags, you too will be contributing to saving our planet from litter.8x10 paper bags For more information about biodegradable bags, please visit Hyde's official website. You can easily submit your request and get our response in a timely manner so you can find the best price for your marketing needs.

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