Biodegradable cutlery is an excellent alternative to plastic cutlery because it is biodegradable, chemical-free, beautiful in appearance, and breaks down easily.wholesale price hamburger box biodegradable With so many advantages and being good for the environment, it's no surprise that biodegradable cutlery is so popular among environmentalists as a better alternative to plastic cutlery.
Naturally nourished
Unlike plastics, these items don't emit any toxic chemicals into the planet because they're made from natural ingredients like sugar cane pulp.paper bread bags wholesale In fact, they can decompose organically, which will help nourish the soil. Plants such as corn, sugarcane pulp and various vegetable oils, which are base materials made from renewable resources, are used to make biodegradable boards.cold drink paper cup wholesale They are also made with environmentally friendly, sustainable technologies that do not harm the environment. The finished product is non-toxic.
reduce ocean pollution
We're not surprised that whales die from ingesting plastic.kraft food box wholesale This sobering fact sheds light on the outrageous ways we're destroying the planet by throwing plastic waste into the ocean and murdering these lovely and innocent aquatic creatures. Each year, 18 billion pounds of single-use plastics of all kinds pollute the oceans. Plastic has become a major cause of irreversible destruction of ecosystems, coral reefs and marine life.pla lid wholesale Plastic debris floating in the water is mistakenly consumed by marine life and birds. Using biodegradable cutlery will help reduce ocean pollution.
child friendly
Plastic food containers can help you store food, but you don't realize how dangerous they are to your child's health and the environment. Plastic containers release chemicals such as bisphenol when heated. Agricultural waste such as sugarcane pulp is used to make biodegradable plates and other cutlery. These are absolutely harmless to children. Additionally, these cane pulp trays and cups can be stored in the refrigerator, freezer or microwave.disposable ice cream cups By switching to biodegradable utensils, you're not only keeping your kids healthy and chemical-free, you're also helping the planet.
Avoid exposure to toxic substances

When you decide to use eco-friendly cutlery instead of plastic, you are actually reducing the amount of poison you are exposed to.burger paper bag When plastic food containers and plates are heated, harmful compounds are released that can contaminate your food.8 inch pizza box Plates and cutlery made from biodegradable materials will not harm your meal or the environment.

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