For most people, drinking from a straw is a gentle convenience.compostable paper plate Many have determined that the environmental impact of straws makes them not worth using. However, for people on the go, small children or disabled people, plastic straws are part of everyday life. Fortunately, recent products have made it possible to use straws and live a more sustainable lifestyle.paper cup wholesalers Making the switch can make a big difference. But which sustainable solution is right for you?handle paper cup We'll discuss two of the most popular plastic alternatives: reusable straws and paper straws.

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reusable straws

Reusable straws have a simple goal: to eliminate the need for many plastic straws by purchasing a durable, reusable straw.popcorn paper cup wholesale Popular materials for reusable straws include glass, acrylic, stainless steel, bamboo and silicon.pla spoon supplier It's important to note that reusable straws can be a bad choice if you tend to lose or forget things.disposable soup cups Having to buy many reusable straws may offset the ecological benefits of reducing plastic waste in the first place!

paper straws

Returning to the roots of straws, modern paper straws directly solve the problem of plastic straws.china 10 inch pizza box While they're disposable, paper straws biodegrade in weeks, not decades, and can even be easily composted at home. That means they don't exist long enough to pose a danger to marine life or the environment. Unlike reusable straws, paper straws are inexpensive and can directly replace plastic straws in restaurant and fast food cream cups with lids bulk Although they biodegrade relatively quickly in landfills, the most environmentally friendly disposal method is composting. Paper straws are rich in carbon and can be a great addition to your home compost!


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