The Athletics Department at West Virginia University is seeking applications for a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Football. The incumbent will assist with administration, management and supervision of strength training and conditioning functions for student-athletes participating in the intercollegiate athletic program, within the guidelines, rules and regulations of West Virginia University, the Big 12 Conference and the NCAA. This position will also assist the strength and conditioning program for football by the Director of Strength and Conditioning. The specific sport assignment is football.   

In order to be successful in this position, the ideal candidate will: 

  • Design, implement and conduct sport-specific strength and conditioning programs that facilitate maximum benefits for student-athletes including individualized, comprehensive and year-round programs.   
  • Supervise and instruct student-athletes and coaches in all aspects of weight training, conditioning and nutrition.
  • Collaborate with coaches and athletic training staff on the overall conditioning, rehabilitation and welfare of student-athletes.
  • Design and maintain student-athlete records and monitor progress of training programs. 
  • Oversee general activities in weight room and assist other staff members as needed. Supervise weight room facilities to insure a safe and functional environment.
  • Travel with the Football team as requested.
  • Maintain certifications and continue further education in the field of strength, speed and conditioning.   
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Director of Strength and Conditioning.
  • Report directly to the Director of Strength and Conditioning; must also work closely with all others involved with carrying out the philosophy and objectives of the intercollegiate athletic program.   
  • Maintain knowledge of and comply with all rules, regulations, policies and guidelines of West Virginia University, the Big 12 Conference and the NCAA; must adhere to NCAA Bylaw 11.1 Conduct of Athletic Personnel. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in appropriate disciplinary action including possible suspension and termination.     
  • Exhibit a level of expertise in professional field.   
  • Represent the University on the highest professional level with dignity, integrity, and strength of character and will exhibit ethical behavior; must respect the rights and dignity of individuals with sensitivity to problems that may arise from racial and ethnical differences.   
  • Demonstrate a cooperative attitude towards all other sports within the intercollegiate athletic program.    
  • Possess the ability to adapt to any situation, make decisions and work independently; position must have the ability to build and maintain relationships with student-athletes, coaches, staff members and constituencies; required to use creative abilities to develop new techniques and approaches in dealing with many issues controlled by this position; responsibilities of the position are ever-changing and require constant education; requires the ability to adapt to any situation and make decisions.       
  • Manage sensitive and confidential information related to student-athletes, coaches and staff utilizing discretion and correct decisions. Failure to use proper discretion at required level could result in major and significant embarrassment to the University and/or have a significant impact on image, revenues and eligibility of student-athletes.    
  • Faithfully and diligently execute related duties of the department, as requested or assigned by the Director of Strength and Conditioning.  

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