Jesse Webber commented on Strength Performance's video
"This video proves, without a doubt: the more you yell, the better strength coach you are!(Sarcasm, for those that don't pick up on internet sarcasm)"
Sep 11, 2012
Jesse Webber commented on Mallory Benard's video
"The pain on hyperextension is more common than you would expect.  I, too, have had to flatten my lumbar spine to avoid that pain.  It turn, I have had to tighten the upper back.  It was actually a great fix for what had been years of pain."
Jun 30, 2012
Jesse Webber commented on Craig Cheek's video
"Craig, I'm with you.

Michael, the statement "but anytime an athlete jumps you cannot achieve full triple extension" is erroneous.

The real point is this: once you have achieved triple extension, you then need to get under the bar.  Spending time…"
May 21, 2012
Jesse Webber commented on Craig Cheek's video
"Craig, I had to laugh at your response!  When I watched the video, I thought something very similar to what Michael said.  However, I know that with lighter weights and demonstrations this (jump) may be a little exaggerated compared to what would…"
May 21, 2012
Jesse Webber commented on No Limit Sports Performance's video
"It hurts by back to even watch that!"
Feb 25, 2012