Kurt Baker commented on Strength Performance's video
"It's Like watching Cal Trans working on the 405 freeway; one guy doing something odd and six guys watching."
Jun 10, 2012
Kurt Baker commented on Westside Barbell's video
"I appreciate the concepts presented by WSB.  However, that gym is designed to promote one thing - get stronger for the sake of getting stronger.  Also, WSB was highlighted in a documentary profiling steroid use in America.  I have no use for…"
May 12, 2012
Kurt Baker commented on Derrick Johnson's video
"I believe this is too high of a risk for someone who is an athlete in a sport other than Olympic Lifting.  My job is not only to assist athletes in improving their performance now, but also assuring their risk of injury in the weight room and on the…"
Jan 22, 2012
Kurt Baker commented on Derrick Johnson's video
"That is an enormous load on the shoulder girdle.  The Risk-to-Reward ratio of that movement is too high for someone participating in a sport other then Olympic Lifting.   "
Jan 13, 2012