About Us

Strength Performance Network (SPN) is the first online social network dedicated exclusively to Strength and Conditioning Coaches, offering all members the ability to post photos and videos, view jobs, share workout tips and connect with coaches worldwide from the professional, collegiate and high school level.

Professionals in over 209 countries have visited the web site, launched July 11, 2008. With over 11,000 registered members (27,000+ Twitter followers), including certified coaches from over 400 colleges and universities, Strength Performance Network has become the network of choice for the strength and conditioning industry.

Strength Performance Network is created in the vision of brothers and co-founders: Brian Harris and David Harris.

Brian Harris (@Brian_C_Harris) has honed his skills as a technology and marketing professional through his role as a vice president of a cloud-based asset management firm and a partnership marketing expert with a Fortune 50 organization. A former football captain at Division III Carnegie Mellon, Brian’s extensive knowledge in the realm of sports marketing crosses multiple sporting initiatives in both the collegiate and professional ranks. In addition to online and print advertising, Brian’s specialties include sponsorship negotiations and strategic marketing and planning. Brian earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree at Carnegie Mellon University, where he majored in History and Policy and minored in Business Administration. Brian also holds a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Notre Dame.

David Harris (@David_E_Harris), a former strength and conditioning coach at Southern Methodist University (SMU), spent the last 13 years as a national and international strategic marketing professional with a global Fortune 500 conglomerate. During his time at SMU, David, a former football captain with FCS Division Holy Cross, led the strength and conditioning efforts for the inaugural women’s volleyball team, women’s basketball program and various Olympic sport athletes in addition to assisting with the football program. Following his time as a college coach, David joined General Electric’s premier sales and marketing management program where he has led strategic marketing projects in various GE businesses throughout the US and Europe including GE's consumer and commercial finance, lighting, healthcare IT and energy businesses, focusing primarily on new product introductions and strategic brand development. David has maintained close contact with the coaching industry during his corporate experience with the goal of one day combining his passion for coaching with his business acumen. David earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Political Science from The College of the Holy Cross. David also holds a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Notre Dame.

Strength Performance Network is continuously looking for ways to make the site more relevant to high school, college and professional coaches. Please feel free to Contact Us with your thoughts and/or to request additional information.