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Sugarcane trays make wedding plan easier

When the bride thinks of her upcoming wedding and dinners and receptions, the sugar cane tray may not be the first thing that comes to mind.plain 16oz containers for fries However, the use of colorful one-off meals has many benefits, and it makes them useful items in wedding preparations.12oz ripple wall paper cups They can not only save labor and cleaning time for you and the staff at the event venue, but also eliminate the pressure associated with the breakage that often occurs in actual tableware.
Sugarcane products are light in weight, so your guests can take them with them as they socialize and share while celebrating your special day. However, this is not to say that disposable tableware is not strong; they can withstand hot and cold liquids and grease without penetration. One of the main benefits of using disposable sugarcane trays is cost.12oz paper cup with lid Most people think that porcelain is used in wedding events, but porcelain is really expensive, and it is difficult to find suitable patterns to match the wedding decoration. Renting porcelain tableware will cause additional worry that someone will destroy or damage the luxury goods, which is not a problem when using sugar cane plates. Sugarcane boards are extremely cost-effective and come in a variety of colors and styles. At the end of the night, they can be easily thrown into the trash can without worrying about returning them or worrying about them being damaged.
In addition, they look very elegant these days, which can help bring elegant elegance to wedding dinners without breaking the bank. Nowadays, many wedding shops have a series of designer sugarcane boards.6.5oz cup with lid The bride and groom can go to the wedding shop to learn about the selection of sugar cane tableware that can be incorporated into the wedding. Some brides choose very unique colors for their wedding, and they are likely to have a colorful set of dishes to match their choice. Patterns are widely used in the sugar cane plate options for weddings, which will help to add some extra details to the meal.soda cup No matter which option you choose, these settings will definitely save money for the wedding, but without sacrificing personal style and preferences.disposable kraft coffee cups Contact Hyde for sugarcane tableware of different sizes and types.

Hyde Group was set up in 2011 and located in HeFei City, AnHui Province ,China. We professionally supply disposable Paper Packing products & Biodegradable Tableware such as Paper Cup, Soup Cup, Food Box, Pizza Box, Paper Bag, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Bowl, Tray, Straw, Coffee Stick, etc. Up to now , our products have been exported to over 150 countries such as America, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, UAE, Lebanon, Senegal, etc.bagasse tray Our products already obtained some international certificates such as CE, FCS, SGS, FDA, ,LFGB, SABER, DIN, etc.“Eco-Friendly & Health” was our principle and “Customized Production & Prompt Delivery” was our advantage.6.5oz paper cups Looking forward to building in one long-term & win-win business relationship with those friends from around the world.

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Safeline Keto Reviews : One of the most nutrient-dense vegetables you can eat, seaweed is high in antioxidants and boasts an array of phytochemicals like polyphenols and fucoxanthin. Recently, studies on Asian women found low breast cancer incidence in women who ate lots of seaweed.

Mike Tyson CBD Gummies Reviews : While detox diets may seem tempting, their benefits likely have nothing to do with vanquishing toxins, but rather with eliminating various unhealthy foods. This green juice made with cucumber and parsley can fasten your weight loss journey and can show quick results, if consumed regularly.

Purekana CBD Gummies Oil: There is no “quick fix” for addiction, and we need to stop pretending that there is. Millions of people use drugs to cope with physical and emotional problems. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 20.8 million adults, or nearly 9% of the U.S. adult population, were suffering from substance use disorders in 2015. Despite the need, only 11% of them received treatment at a specialized facility. Along with a host of other benefits, apple cider vinegar can help support liver detoxification.

Keto F1 Reviews : An accumulation of toxins may become poisonous in the human body, which may lead to potential damage of vital organs and systems. Considering that these toxins enter our body by ingestion , inhalation and absorption , the risk of toxic overload is a common concern. Internally, autointoxication is process where the toxins are produced by your own body as a result of poor digestion and elimination. The Clean 9 is a 9-day detox diet claimed to cause fast weight loss. It is based on meal replacement shakes and weight loss supplements.


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coffee cupsdisposable ice cream cupsThe paper sandwich bag has a beautiful design and color. paper tea cups Logos can be embossed on these items, many with charming floral patterns that make them particularly attractive. Paper sandwich bags are available with or without handles, and are available in a variety of sizes. Many of these products also have beautifully designed and crafted wires for easy portability.Paper sandwich bags are very suitable for individual consumers, shopkeepers, and those who prepare gifts for parties. paper sandwich bags A paper sandwich bag can also express a person's taste and interest or a career of choice through eye-catching words printed on it. They are also an excellent marketing tool because they are highly known when users carry them with them. Paper sandwich bags are ideal for packaging gifts, especially corporate gifts. Many of these products are completely recyclable. 4oz paper cupsHyde was set up in 2011 and located in HeFei City, AnHui Province ,China. We professionally supply disposable Paper Packing products & Biodegradable Tableware such as Paper Cup, Soup Cup, Food Box, Pizza Box, Paper Bag, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Bowl, Tray, Straw, Coffee Stick, etc. paper medicine cups Up to now , our products have been exported to over 150 countries such as America, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, etc.Looking forward to building in one long-term & win-win business relationship with those friends from around the world.
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Comprar sillas gamer profesionales en

Sin duda una de los accesorios más importantes para un gamer no es su pantalla ni su ordenador sinó una buena silla diseñada para gamers.

Tener una buena silla de Gamer no solo te obligará a estar sentado en una correcta posición, sino que te ofrecerá un gran comodidad para poder afrontar largas horas de juego y concentración.

Hoy en día las sillas gamer no solo son usadas por los gamer, sino por personas que teletrabajan en sus casas y buscan una solución para sentirse mucho más cómodos en sus largas jornadas de trabajo.

Otro público que actualmente utiliza las sillas gamer, son los estudiantes que también deben pasar largas horas en una silla para preparar su exámenes.


En tenemos una gran experiencia en todo tipo de sillas gamer profesionales , ergonómicas y de gran variedad de colores.

Cada día son más clientes que nos preguntan que deben tener en cuenta al comprar una silla de gaming.

Más allá que la parte estética de una silla gamer hay varios factores que se deben considerar antes de realizar la compra:

La altura y peso

Para aprovechar al máximo la ergonomía de una silla gamer es importante que tu cabeza no sobrepase por encima de el respaldo.


En el caso que te sobre espalda, es decir que te sobrepase por los laterales, deberás asegurarte que la silla cuenta con un cojín cervical, así podrás ajustar la altura y conseguir que las lumbares te descansen correctamente.

En cambio, si eres una persona muy corpulenta y te gusta tener la silla en posición más alta, algunos modelos no cumplirán tus necesidades y deberías valorar modelos más profesionales y robustos.

·        comprar silla gamer

El material

Es importante que tengas en cuenta tu estilo de vida, es decir si eres un gamer que come en la mesa o de lo contrario eres una persona con un estilo de vida más ordenado, es decir, que cada cosa, en su sitio.

En el caso que necesitas una silla gamer que sea fácil de limpiar, el cuero sintético será siempre una buena opción y dota a la silla de un aspecto elegante.


No obstante el cuero sintético no es la mejor opción par ael varano y si buscas un tejido realmente transpirable encontrarás sillas gamer con otro tipo de tejidos, no obstante, serán más difíciles de limpiar .

Cojines y reposabrazos

Siempre será preferible que utilices sillas gamer que tanto los cojines como los reposabrazos, sean ajustables, de esta manera podrás proteger la zona baja de tu espalda y tu cuello y cervicales estarán también relajados.


Dependiendo de el tipo de suelo y espacio que dispongas en casa, las ruedas serán una parte importante que tendrás que tener siempre en cuenta en el momento de elegir las ruedas para tu silla gamer

En resumen

En resumen, antes de comprar tu silla gamer, debes pensar para qué la quieres ya que es una inversión que marcará tu comodidad e incluso la salud de tu espalda.

Sobretodo fíjate en su ergonomía y no te dejes llevar por los coloridos o marcas, lo más importante es tu comodidad



About us

Company : Centec Electronics and Technology

Headquarters : Av. Normandie 1905, Local 4, Quintero, Valparaíso, Telephone 32-293 4915

Email :



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What's the different type of packaging paper

If you own a restaurant, food business, or online food company, you are always looking for effective ways to package and store food. pla paper cups manufacturers How do you package food in a safe way that is transportable and leak-proof?

There are many options for food packaging, and there may be more than you think. wholesale bagasse bowl According to the type of food you pack and your specific needs, you will definitely find a solution for your product in Hyde Packing.


Butcher paper is a traditional food packaging product. It is breathable, so it can reduce steam and keep food moist but not soggy. It aims to protect raw meat and fish from air pollutants. Dry wax paper is paper coated with paraffin wax. This will form a moisture-proof, non-stick surface. wholesale pla lined cup By retaining moisture, crunchy food will not get wet, and moist food will stay moist. Wet wax paper is a bleached kraft paper. Unlike dry wax paper, wet wax paper has a high-gloss, waterproof surface on both sides. This heavy waxed wrap is perfect for sandwiches, vegetables and meat. Parchment is paper coated with silicone resin. Silicone can be made into heat-resistant paper, which is very suitable for cooking and baking, as well as holding hot food.Purchase high-quality food wrapping paper with a packaging company The above are the different types of wrapping paper. At Hyde, we understand that the last part of the sales process (packaging and logistics) can make or break the business. Having the best product available for packaging food is a necessary step for your success. bagasse bowl suppliers Let our dedicated team of customer service and packaging experts help you. Visit the Hyde website now, buy high-quality food packaging products, and understand how your business can grow with us.


Hyde Group was set up in 2011 and located in HeFei City, AnHui Province ,China. We professionally supply disposable Paper Packing products & Biodegradable Tableware such as Paper Cup, Soup Cup, Food Box, Pizza Box, Paper Bag, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Bowl, Tray, Straw, Coffee Stick, etc. Up to now , our products have been exported to over 150 countries such as America, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, UAE, Lebanon, Senegal, etc. Our products already obtained some international certificates such as CE, FCS, SGS, FDA, ,LFGB, SABER, DIN, etc.“Eco-Friendly & Health” was our principle and “Customized Production & Prompt Delivery” was our advantage. sugarcane lid suppliers Looking forward to building in one long-term & win-win business relationship with those friends from around the world.



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Ecologically degradable plastics break the plastic dilemmaPlastics are light, clean, cheap, easy to use, stylish and beautiful, Paper Bag Wholesalers and bright in color. With the rapid economic development, plastics have become an indispensable part of our social and economic life.However, due to the low recycling rate of plastics and the difficulty of degrading plastics, paper bread bags wholesale discarded plastic wastes can stay in nature for hundreds of years, and the amount and output of plastics have been increasing rapidly today, which is harmful to the ecological environment on the earth. Serious pollution has occurred. ripple wall paper cup Therefore, "plastic restriction" or "plastic ban" has become a global consensus, and many countries and regions have begun to issue relevant regulations in the direction of "plastic restriction" or "plastic ban" and implement corresponding effective measures.At present, white pollution has gradually become a global issue that cannot be ignored. Domestic and international systems are constantly formulating and improving related systems to reduce white pollution. Therefore, more and more people concerned are constantly discussing how to make plastics more environmentally friendly. In fact, most of the plastic products that closely follow our daily lives are not the culprit causing environmental damage. custom paper cups wholesale It is the disposable plastic products that really bring pressure to the environment. These disposable plastic products are as difficult to degrade as ordinary plastics, and because they are usually small in size, they are basically discarded at will, which makes them difficult to recycle and cause incalculable harm to the environment.In the face of the current increasingly serious white pollution, what we have to do is to use recyclable items as much as possible to reduce our dependence on disposable products; paper cup wholesale and then we can choose ecologically degradable plastics as a substitute for plastics.Ecologically degradable plastics can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide, paper cup manufacturers water and other environmentally harmless substances in the natural environment, disposable Ice cream cups and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. Ecologically degradable plastics play an important role in today's market and are an important part of the environmental protection cause of plastics.Paper Bag Wholesalers
paper cup wholesale
single wall paper cup wholesale
double wall paper cup wholesale
ripple wall paper cup wholesale
cold drink paper cup wholesale
handle paper cup wholesale
pla paper cup wholesale
soup paper cup wholesale
paper bag wholesale
Facing the environmental hazards of plastic waste and marine microplastics, pizza box bulk wholesalers ecologically degradable plastics have received more and more people's praise and attention with their own advantages. Ecologically degradable plastics will face a good development prospect.
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Companies can now choose to provide services to their customers. Provide environmentally friendly and biodegradable food service products, including paper plates and even tableware. Companies across the United States are providing their customers with food service products every day, pla paper cup wholesale and these products are increasing landfill sites and taking up our precious trees. Provide online green product options, which can be purchased in bulk. Companies can choose to include biodegradable food service products.

Pizzerias, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and other food service companies can improve the environment and prevent ongoing hazards. Landfill sites are increasing at an alarming rate. Studies have shown that only 7% of recyclable plastics are properly disposed of. soup paper cup wholesale The rest of these products are just landfills, and it will take several years to decompose. It takes 1,000 years for a plastic water bottle to be thrown into the landfill to decompose. The options provided for business owners will benefit your customers and the environment. Buy your food service products online and get eco-friendly biodegradable products.
Your business choices are affecting the environment, and products made from tree-free substances such as corn starch, sugar cane and bamboo save trees every day. Protect trees and avoid landfills by making smart choices for your business. There are many green products available online in one simple location. All purchases can save a lot of money,
Buying all biodegradable food service products will make your customers aware of this. Customers appreciate a company that focuses on the environment and not just their pockets. You have a heart to benefit the environment and protect trees, and your customers will also appreciate your care for the environment.

There are many benefits to using biodegradable food service products (such as cornstarch tableware). These products can easily decompose in months instead of years. They will not accumulate in landfills and cause problems that must be resolved in the next few years. paper bag wholesale They are high-quality products, tested and approved by green product experts, and they specialize in providing affordable and professional-quality products. Products such as biodegradable paper plates, hot and cold cups and tableware are environmentally and ecologically friendly. For more information about outstanding environmentally friendly green products, please visit the Hyde package website.


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Share your knowledge coaches!

Hey coaches, I know during this time many of us have down time or are working from home. As a result I've seen a lot of instagram live Q&A's and zoom meetings for free just to educate other coaches or clients. I wanted to create a central forum or calendar to organize these events and share them with the public. If you would like to participate, know somebody that does, or have an idea of how we can get this going let me know. Feel free to email me as well 

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SPN Members - What are you recommending to your athletes with these unsure times upon us?


We wanted to begin a blog post that all members can comment on (below) with their thoughts and suggestions regarding anything that you are telling your athletes at this time.  This can include advice on coming into your athletic facility to workout or recommending they stay home.  If you recommend they stay home, do you plan to communicate workouts that they can perform at home?  What else are you recommending to them?  What questions do you have for our other strength coach members?  etc. etc.


It makes sense to leverage our Network and open this up for discussion and allow you to add comments, ask questions, etc.


Please respond with comments below.


Thank you for your contribution.

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You can read the full article here: ©Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2019) 18, 301-315


Post-activation potentiation (PAP) conditioning has been re- ported to increase performance. Most research has examined PAP effects on strength/power activities, whereas the effects on endur- ance sports are understudied. The aim of this study was to char- acterize PAP conditioning stimulus effects on a subsequent 5x1 km running trial. A randomized, within subjects, repeated measures study utilized 12 male, endurance-trained athletes, who performed a full warm-up, conditioning exercise intervention (4x5 repetition maximum band-resisted squat jumps) or a control condition prior to a 5x1 km time trial run. Tests were conducted immediately prior to the intervention, after each kilometer, imme- diately following the 5x1 km run, and at seven and ten minutes post 5 km run. Measures included the interpolated twitch tech- nique (ITT), evoked contractile properties, maximum voluntary isometric contractions (MVIC) plantar flexor force, drop jump, rating of perceived exertion, and heart rate. The PAP stimulus re- duced the time to complete the run (3.6%; p = 0.07, d = 0.51), and decreased the time to complete kilometer one (8%; d = 1.08, p = 0.014). Jump height (p = 0.02; 9.2%) and reactive strength index (p = 0.035; 16%) increased with PAP. F100 (force produced in the first 100ms of the MVIC) and MVIC force with PAP in- creased at kilometers 3 (p = 0.04, d=0.84), 4 (p = 0.034, d = 0.29), and 7min post-run (p = 0.03, d = 0.60). Voluntary activation (ITT) increased at 7min post-run (p = 0.04, d = 0.59) with PAP, yet de- creased at 7min post-run in the control condition (p = 0.03, d = 0.36). A prior band-resisted squat protocol decreased running time and improved neuromuscular properties in endurance ath- letes running 5x1 km.

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If you want to look really attractive in any outfit or be able to once again wear that skirt or jeans you wore before you gained some weight, you most certainly need to find the right balance of fat and muscles in your thighs. They don’t need to be skinny, since only toned thighs are sexy thighs. The exercises for your thighs will also benefit your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, tensors, adductors, while other thigh muscles will build lower body strength, improve posture, burn calories and build lean muscle. So, what are the best exercises that can get you back in shape or help you remain fit and slim?

Warm up


No matter how eager you are to start working on your thighs, you should always remember to warm up and stretch before doing toning exercises (or any other exercises, for that matter). Your body needs to be prepared for what’s to come and by increasing blood flow to your muscles and improving the flexibility of your muscles and bones, activating the central nervous system and reducing the risk of sore muscles and injury, you’ll not only minimise the risk of injuries, but also be able to make the most of your exercises.



Probably the most popular and one of the best toning exercises are squats, which also sculpt the butt, hips and abs. They owe their popularity, among other things, to the fact that they don’t strain your back, since they’re done while standing up and without extra weight. If you need balance or extra support, you can do your squats standing alongside a wall or next to a chair or the edge of a table with one hand on the object. Try not to pull on it or push off from it.


Another great exercise are lunges, which also work your butt and abs. Both legs need to be used at the same time, which means they’ll get much stronger soon. A lunge is basically any position of your body where one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground, while the other leg is behind. It is a great cross-training and fitness exercise.

Assault air bike

There are many good reasons while modern assault air bikes are so popular. The assault air bike is a low-impact, high-output cardio machine that combines the arm action of a cross-country ski machines and the workout you get on stationary bike. The faster you go, the higher the resistance. It’s very effective when it comes to fat burning and toning your thighs.

Plank leg lifts

Everyone knows that the traditional elbow plank pose works your arms, core and back, but when we add leg lifts, we specifically target the glutes while improving our overall posture and stability. Begin in the traditional plank pose, lower your body onto your forearms, letting your elbows touch the mat. Lift your right leg behind you and lower your foot to your mat. Repeat this lift-and-lower motion with each leg ten times. Don’t forget to keep your shoulders drawn back and your hips in line with your shoulders. Only with your core tight and glutes engaged can you ensure the best results.


These resemble one-legged squats and the repetitive movement will work your thighs, hips and butt. What you need is a knee-height plyometric box or raised platform. To limit stress on the knee, make sure you step onto the centre of the box.

Box jumps

Once you get your plyometric box out, you can also try box jumps. This explosive workout is a fantastic way to tone your legs, core and butt. When you land on the box, drop your hips to absorb the force and don’t lock your knees and quads, because this can hurt your knees.


Yes, walking, as an aerobic activity is very good for toning your legs. So, try to walk whenever you can and if possible try jogging or running. If that’s not an option, start walking up hills to make the most of your time outdoors.

If you follow these tips and make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you’ll definitely notice how your thighs get more toned and attractive. That means you’ll look great in whatever you choose to wear and that your body will be much stronger and healthier.

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If you are looking into starting any kind of fitness routine, but you still want it to be super fun and interesting, dance classes are maybe the perfect thing for you. However, practising technique, movements, expression, and being in touch with your body while dancing is hard work, and you will lose calories, so here are some tips on how to rock your cardio dance class.

Start with the right attitude

Many of us don't actually know how dance classes work, and you may feel intimidated and uncertain about your abilities. Well, if you are not thinking about becoming a professional, then you should not worry about it. The goal is to have fun and get fit in the process, so have that in mind when you start.

Get the right gear

Like any other sport, dance requires certain equipment. First of all, getting the right shoes is crucial, and you want them to be comfortable and durable. It is always a good idea to invest in quality dancewear like leggings, tops, shorts, and skirts, but also make sure they are the right size, and they show the movement of your body. You can even get all the additional stylish and useful pieces like leg warmers, hats, and gloves.

Learn from your classmates

Surely there will be more and less experienced dancers in your group. Instead of being embarrassed, or intimidated by them, the best idea is to learn from them. Copy their moves, follow them when you get lost, or even ask them to show you a movie you didn't quite get. Getting in the first lines will also help you try harder, which means more calories lost. 


Make the most of it

Dancing includes complex motions and they are rarely the same motions over and over again, like with many other sports. This means that your muscles work hard to keep up, and they get stronger from those moves as well. So, making the most of every class is important if you want to see the results.

Get into it

If you want the classes to show some effect and lead you to a fit and lean body, you better get into it as much as you can. Don't just mark the moves, rather include your whole body, your arms, legs, and even face. You will burn lots of calories, and your body will get comfortable with the movement. 

Learn to follow the rhythm

One of the most important things in dancing is to learn to follow the rhythm. Even if you lose it at one point, it will be easier to go back to the combo and make it look smooth. In the beginning, your dance teacher will probably mark the rhythm by clapping their hands, or feet, so try to remember that and practice at home when listening to music.

Practice whenever you can

To get the right technique, you have to practice a lot. This is a good thing because practice leads to perfection, and you will have many benefits in the process. Your balance and posture will improve. You will have more strength, and you will able to endure more because dancing does make you work up a sweat. Your motor function and coordination will improve as well.


Don't be afraid to ask

Like in school, the dance teacher is there to show you the moves and help you learn. Whenever you are not sure about certain steps, it is better to ask them and go over it slowly, so you can catch up, rather than doing it on your own, and being confused. This can help reduce any injury because doing the move correctly hits the right muscles. 

Accept the criticism

Dance teachers may criticize you from time to time. If it is constructive criticism and they are not being rude, don't take it personally. Try to incorporate those tips while dancing, and just give your best, which will be enough for them to notice how hard you're trying.

Don’t miss classes

Your dance teacher may incorporate cardio training every once in a while, which is very important if you want to get enough strength to finish the whole combo. Don't miss out on these classes, and try your best because it is what will help you become fit.

Dancing is, first of all, a great way to get in shape, lose weight, and get fit. However, it is also so much more than just that. It is learning to connect with your body, it teaches you discipline, hard work, and dedication. So, the next dance class you have, try to apply these tips and have fun doing it.

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"I couldn’t believe the results that were produced simply by pressing on two small points near my belly button."

In the sport of Track and Field, as a coach, one of your biggest fears is the dreaded hamstring injury that mainly affects sprinters and jumpers. This type of injury can be the season ending type. At Corcoran High, we had the season opener curse, where we would lose a top sprinter to a blown out hamstring. This occurred consecutively for four years without fail. Regardless of modifications to the warm-up routine, different workout drills, and even more recovery time, someone would always go down for the count. This was until I learned and implemented the art of Reflexive Performance Reset.

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College strength & conditioning is often considered the upper echelon of our field. World class athletes, multi-million dollar facilities, and massive salaries to match. It makes sense then that high school coaches try to mimic college strength programs with their own teams. Sometimes this is a great idea, but often times it leads to major problems.

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Exercise programming and periodization for off-season and in-season training play a huge role in the desired outcomes that a strength and conditioning coach wants to see in their athletes.

Strength coaches should be well aware of Newton’s third law, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In athletics, force production is crucial because an athlete who produces more force is often at a better advantage than his or her opponent who produces less force. Think of running economy, if a greater force is put into the ground there will be longer stride length as well.

Read the whole story:

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You did it! You wrote a killer cover letter, wowed them in the interview, and landed the job. Now the real work begins, but besides coaching your teams, here are a few other things you should do now that you’re hired.

What to Focus on First?

Once you land the position there are three areas you should get to know well, your resources, your coaches, and your team(s). Knowing your resources can help you make the most of your athletic complex and develop programs that not only flow well, but logistically make sense. This includes understanding how to use all of the equipment in your weight room(s) and knowing what training areas available to use like outdoor fields, hills, stairs, tracks, and pools. This is also a good time to learn what access you have to areas besides the weight room and what kind of scheduling might be involved with using different facilities for your teams. You should also spend time getting to know the coaches of the teams you’ll be working with.

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When I was a strength and conditioning intern at California University of Pennsylvania, I read a long article about the dangers of the different types of shoes that people wear. Obvious shoes made the list including high heels or tight dress shoes, but the article also discussed how most modern shoes are causing problems with feet, back and even hips. The article went on to detail the benefits of not wearing any shoes at all or at the very least switching over to "minimalist" shoes. After reading it, I immediately switched the type of shoe that I wore the majority of the day and swore that when I became a coach that I would implement a "no shoes" policy.

I’ve been the strength and conditioning coach at Canon McMillan School District for over four years now and the "no shoes" policy has been in place successfully since day one.

Read the whole blog here:

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Quite common in the world of sports, injuries are an inevitable reality for most sports players. Whether they don’t put effort into getting a proper warm-up, lack conditioning, or simply have poor training methods, the injuries they suffer are usually serious, often sidelining them for games or seasons, and unfortunately, sometimes even ending their careers. In order to cope with different injuries they endure while playing sports, many of them turn to physical rehabilitation. Aiding to a wide range of sports injuries, physiotherapy primarily focuses on the treatment of the strains, muscular pain, and fractures, as well as severe ligament tears. In order to further explain the paramount importance of physiotherapy treatments, we’ve gathered a list of ways which showcase the immense impact of physiotherapy on injuries related to sports. Here are some of them.


It relieves the body from pain and injuries

The important members of sports medicine, physiotherapists are professionals involved in the treatment of athletes that get injured. They are involved in the process from the moment the acute injury appears, until the final stage of rehabilitation, when the patient is able to get back to their previous state of physical health. Whether the injuries are major or minor, physiotherapy treatment is an effective way to reduce the pain that the patient is feeling. By employing dynamic activities into the process of treating the patient, the physiotherapy projects are highly efficient in treating the damaged area and making sure it returns to a useful state. 

It prevents you from being susceptible to other injuries

With the help of manual treatment including acupuncture, exercises, and ultrasounds, the patient is sure to get relief from the issues they’re experiencing. What’s more, the regime employed by physiotherapists is also beneficial in case any other problems may arise. By identifying the problem areas that may cause pain in the future, the physiotherapist is able to provide treatments that may help prevent injuries that are likely to happen in the future, as well as prevent them from developing into long-term issues. The result is increased susceptibility of the patient since the treatments they’re getting are effective in protecting the body from any future damage in case the patient suffers other injuries as a result of strenuous physical activities.

It helps you get your physical health in a normal state

Being able to perform your best is one of the most important things for many, whether they’re professional sportspeople or not. With the fitness industry on the rise, more and more people around the world are becoming increasingly interested in playing sports. For example, Hong Kong is one of the cities where there has been significant growth in residents who exercise frequently. However, the number of injuries increased proportionally, causing many to seek physiotherapy treatments in Hong Kong to get relief from the pain. With the help of well-regarded physiotherapy treatment providers, patients are able to solve the issues causing dysfunction, thus helping restore your physical health to its normal state. 


It is also a fitness therapy

There are different recuperative methodologies that can help you recover and get back into your normal state. A physiotherapist will examine your injuries and diagnose the problem, which will help them tailor the treatment to suit your particular needs. Specific exercises, pain-relief treatments, as well as general advice regarding the increase of your activity levels are the things you can expect to be incorporated into your treatment. Apart from its obvious therapeutic effect, physiotherapy is often seen as fitness therapy due to its immense impact on keeping your body fit and active. Low-impact aerobics such as walking and swimming are usually recommended to help activate the body. In addition, they also release endorphins that act as natural painkillers, which are helpful in creating a sense of general well-being while you’re working on getting a healthy physique. 

A healing process and a preventative measure, physiotherapy and its impact on sport-related injuries can not be emphasized enough. Due to its numerous benefits to the patients, it remains the most frequently used treatment modality, helping patients regain optimal performance and return to the activities they love as safely as possible. 

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2019 Fall Internship Positions Available

TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERISITY – INTERNSHIP PROGRAM TCU currently has internship position available for the 2019 Fall Semester

Internships through the TCU Strength & Conditioning department are currently available for the 2019 Fall semester for those who would like to pursue a career in Strength & Conditioning. The TCU Strength & Conditioning Department is a teaching department that offers our interns hands-on experience as well as prepares them to become qualified Strength & Conditioning professionals. Interns will have the opportunity to work with all sixteen (16) of TCU’s Men’s and Women’s sports totaling more than 500 student-athletes. 

This is a non-paid position but offers the opportunity of advancement in the field of strength and conditioning as well as the fulfillment of credit hours towards a degree program. Applicants should be: Working towards a certification through NSCA, or CSCCa. Desire to make strength and conditioning your desired profession. One year of previous experience in a strength and conditioning program or have previous collegiate athletic experience. Pursuit of Bachelor’s degree or already possess a Bachelor’s degree.

To apply please send resume and 3 professional references to: Zach Dechant -

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American International College in Springfield Massachusetts is now accepting students for the Masters of Science program in Strength and Conditioning. This is an accelerated Masters degree that can be successfully completed in 16 months with the final four months of the program being entirely dedicated to the completion of an off campus internship at a location of the student’s choice. Additionally, the Master’s program has no research requirement allowing students to focus all of their time and effort on their course work, internships, and applied learning.


The program is designed to provide students with as many opportunities as possible to develop the skills they will need to be a successful strength & conditioning coach at any level of athletics. To help students reach this goal the courses they would be taking heavily emphasize the practical and applied aspects of the profession. Over 50% of the courses in the curriculum directly address topics like designing training programs, instructing exercise technique, and psychological techniques that coaches can use to better communicate with athletes and sports coaches. The scientific foundation courses such as Neuromuscular and Hormonal Aspects of Exercise, Sports Nutrition, and Bioenergetics in Athletic Performance specifically address the most recent theories that that underlie the training programs students will one day be implementing with athletes.


In addition to the courses that students would be taking the program includes two internship opportunities. The first of these internships is completed at AIC where students will get the opportunity to coach NCAA DI and DII athletes. The second internship would be completed during the fall of the second year in the program and the student gets to choose an internship site that best fits their career goals.


The primary goal of the Master’s program is to prepare and educate students so that they leave the program with a great understanding of how to coach athletes of all ability levels and backgrounds, and that they have the ability to effectively communicate the science behind their programs to the people they will one day be working with.


Anyone Interested in learning more about the program may contact the Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning Graduate Studies, Zane Pfefferle at or visit for more information.

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