Sports have been used for centuries to help people get to healthy bodies and keep their minds sharp. Even at the time in history when curves or even gluttony were used as a symbol of status, there was still the notion of Mens sana in corpore sano , meaning that a healthy mind and spirit lie within a healthy body. Even though golf is not your first choice for gaining muscle mass, it has more than one advantage for those who want to stay healthy in both body and mind.

An activity for the entire family

Golf can be the means of strengthening family bonds and spending quality time together. The first way it can be applied for this purpose, is by being turned into a DIY activity for the family. You can build a playground in your backyard. Parents can work together with their children to make a miniature golf course as a part of the playground. Use your favorite obstacles as inspiration and create your own. Once you have the course set, enjoy your family time by playing on it. Alternatively, you can always visit one of the local golf courses and play the game on the big scale.

It improves mental health

The Professional Golfers Association of America collaborates with doctors and therapists to make their courses available to those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, which notoriously affects return military personnel. The stress-free environment relaxes them, helps reconnect socially, and provides a pleasant distraction by engaging them in the game. Furthermore, a famous musician Alice Cooper has used golf to rehabilitate after dropping his addictions. He used golf to keep his mind agreeably engaged and spend as much time as he possibly can in nature.

Fighting dementia

One of the best advantages of golf is its social nature. While you can definitely play it on your own, it is usually played in teams of two or three people. The pace of the game allows and encourages social interaction. Dementia represents a number of diseases usually affecting thinking and memory. Since it is proven that isolation causes cognitive decline, it is further concluded that the social nature of the game definitely helps improve cognitive skills. This is only one of the ways golf can keep the brain active and exercised as we will have a chance to find out soon.

The overall physical well being

Even though it may seem a little bit “lazy” to some, due to its peaceful nature and a very low injury count, golf is by no means sedentary. Depending on the size of the course you are playing on, whether it is a full 18-hole course or just your backyard, your entire body constantly works to get you from one place to another and to assume a position you need to reach and hit the ball. This can help you burn excess calories, strengthen certain muscles, improve your heart rate, and everything else that goes with it. A study by a Swedish institute even proved that golfers have a 40% lower death rate which means, about 5 years added to their life expectancy.

Improves focus and dexterity

Precision is one of the skills required to be a successful golf player. A precise golf swing requires both focus and dexterity. The dexterity refers to the ability to control your arms to, in this case, be an extension of your mind. The focus refers to vision and mind. You need to be able to focus your eyes on your targets, that is, the ball and the holes. You also need to focus your mind to calculate the path that the ball will take and send the right signal to your arms ready to swing. This is how golf can help you practice the sharpness of the brain, your eyesight, and your dexterity.

It reduces stress

Being an outdoor sport, golf allows you to spend a significant amount of time surrounded by nature and in the sun. Both of these can have a positive impact on your psyche and bring you the necessary stress relief. This is usually combined with the positive impact that socializing has on people. An additional reason why golf acts as a tool for stress-reduction is because of the aforementioned shift of the focus. You can stop worrying about work and other things suppressing you daily, and focus on the game of golf.


Golf is a peaceful game which can boost your overall spirit and exercise your mind through time spent in nature and pleasant social interaction. It has been used for therapeutic purposes to fight addictions and help those suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, even though it does not require much strength, golf requires stamina to help the players endure the time spent walking and playing the game. For those who lack the stamina at first, they can be sure that they will gain it by playing, as well as keep their bodies in a good shape.

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