SPN Members - What are you recommending to your athletes with these unsure times upon us?


We wanted to begin a blog post that all members can comment on (below) with their thoughts and suggestions regarding anything that you are telling your athletes at this time.  This can include advice on coming into your athletic facility to workout or recommending they stay home.  If you recommend they stay home, do you plan to communicate workouts that they can perform at home?  What else are you recommending to them?  What questions do you have for our other strength coach members?  etc. etc.


It makes sense to leverage our Network and open this up for discussion and allow you to add comments, ask questions, etc.


Please respond with comments below.


Thank you for your contribution.

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  • Common sense. Control what you can control. Right now, that primarily means good hand-washing and not touching your face. As far as training areas are concerned, take a lesson from what happened with the Jazz. Believe what you want, but don't be cavalier with the health of others. Use sanitizers when available and wipe down your bars & benches. If you feel poorly, stay home. Alert your physician, your coach, and keep them in the loop. Health first, training second.
  • I have been doing this for quite sometime during the summer and winter breaks offering workout options for my athletes who are not on campus, and will be doing the same in the current situation. I wrote an article in Training and Conditioning 8 years ago on how I use the Facebook Group feature. Here it is if anyone is interested.. https://training-conditioning.com/article/are-you-connected/
    Are You Connected?
    If Facebook and Twitter are foreign to you, it's time you jumped on the bandwagon. In this article, three authors share how they are using these soci…
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