you want quickly print the document, but your printer doesn't cooperate with you, and you will feel frustrated with your printer. If you are using an All in One / Multifunctional printer, then it occurs many problems in your working experience, like your fax, scanner, and copier. To know more about diagnose hp printer problems. That conditions you will lose precious working business time. When you are using a multifunction printer then you have to needed understand some common printer issues.

Here are some common problems HP printers might face and how you can fix them:

Paper jam – one of the most common but easily solvable problems, a paper jam is mainly due to the incorrect placement of papers in the tray or the roller. When you have such a problem, just open the printer drum and try to gently pull out the obstruction.

Blank pages between printed pages – there might be instances where your printer might be spewing out an extra piece of blank paper between your commanded print documents. This can be fixed by deselecting the separator pages from the printer preferences in the printer settings menu.

Missing colors – there might be a time when your printing might be leaving out a few colors from its final output sheet. You just need to make sure that you replace.

Some of the reasons that HP printer takes a bit more of time to print a document are due to the following reasons:

1: The Printer Prints slow over the network: This issue might occur while using a network printer. So you need to ensure that you change the IP address to fix this issue.

2: HP printer delay before printing: Various HP printer users encounter this issue. So make sure to re-install and update the printer driver if this issue has occurred in your printer.

3: Printer is slow to respond: Some certain glitches can happen with your printer due to several reasons. So you need to reboot your printer to resolve this problem. To know more about hp printer problems and solutions.

4: Long delay in starting the printer: This issue can be encounter due to the inappropriate functioning of the printer spooler. So restart your device and delete all the files of the printer spooler.

Conclusion: Well, the Hp printer is an amazing printer and if you face any problem while using it. Just follow the above-mentioned tricks to resolve your Hp printer problems. In case, your problem cannot get solved even by following the above-mentioned tricks then, just freely make contact with hp support staff by extracting contact from their official site. 

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