How to Lose Weight without Losing Strength

With obesity being one of the biggest health concerns around the world, it comes as no surprise that so many people are trying to lose weight. Most people who have succeeded in doing so will tell you that it’s not that easy at all. Success is largely dependent on mental power and the right changes in the daily routine and some people, unfortunately, are unable to see the whole process through.

Even those who have managed to lose weight are sometimes left dissatisfied. Primarily because they feel much weaker and fatigue is preventing them from performing their normal tasks at work, school or home. The secret of successful weight loss is actually in losing excess fat, but retaining strength. So, how can we achieve that?


Focus on strength work

The most common thing probably, but it has to be mentioned. The only way to keep your strength is to keep lifting heavy, for example. Instead of repeating exercises with small weights for thousands of times, focus on making regular pauses, but remain loyal to heavy lifting, since your energy will be seriously limited by your calorie deficit caused by your new diet. So, your job is to work with big, full body lifts with low repetition ranges. Also, make sure you don’t overdo it with the number of sets.

High-intensity conditioning

If you have not been doing cardio exercises or doing them in the traditional way, now is the time to stop that practice. In order to be able to lose fat, but at the same time keep as much muscle as possible, your cardio workouts should be shorter, but more intensive. So, say goodbye to moderate pace walks or jogs on the treadmill. The thing is that you should be more concerned with the total calories burned from fat, rather than the percentage of calories burned from fat. That’s why high-intensity workouts, such as sprint intervals are recommended. You have to be careful, though, especially if you are a novice to exercising or prone to knee or hamstring injuries. Experts recommend that you start by picking a distance based on your experience (20-100 yards) and do a set of 10 sprints with a half a minute rest in between, twice a week. Add two sprints to each session each week and when you reach the goal of 16 sprints with 30 seconds rest, increase the distance by 10 yards and start over at 10 sprints.



One of the important elements of weight loss is definitely nutrition. Fat is best burned by introducing a low-carb diet at least four days a week, but in order to remain strong enough for your high-intensity workouts, you should periodically consume high amounts of carbs. A diet of green vegetables and meat alone will definitely burn fat, but you also need starchy carbs at least twice a week if you want to hold onto your muscles. Adding effective weight loss drops is also a good option, but do consult your doctor or nutritionist beforehand. Carbs are best consumed after your workout, so pick those days when you indulge in high-intensity training to treat yourself to a generous portion of carbs after a workout.

Keep yourself hydrated

Although this tip should be applied regardless of your shape and weight, it’s vital that you follow it while trying to burn fat, while staying strong. Each gram of carbohydrates in your body means there are also around three grams of water stored. This means that if you start consuming fewer carbs, your body will hold on to less water. Also, those who are dieting have most likely reduced the amount of food they consume and we know that we often drink when we eat, which means the less we eat, the less we drink. The way to go is to have water available throughout the day and sip it occasionally, not only when eating. When it comes to the amount of water you should drink, it depends on your weight. A rule of the thumb is to drink half an ounce for every pound of body weight.

As you can see, losing weight without losing strength is possible, but only if you follow these rules. It’s always a good idea to consult your doctor and fitness expert before changing your routines, to avoid creating some problems that haven’t existed before. So, stay focused and follow the instructions you receive from experts and you’ll get on the right track for sure.

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