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The Siege of Atlas arrives, bringing four new endgame bosses to Path of Exile. Especially Eater of Worlds, it has a unique mechanism that can destroy unprepared players. Therefore, players must learn to deal with Eater's beam phase, and casual players can accumulate enough POE Orbs to be fully prepared for the challenge.

The Eater of Worlds boss has huge tentacle slams, huge lightning blasts, and all kinds of projectiles to dodge. Of particular note are the floating grey balls around the arena. After touching, your speed will be greatly slowed down, and if you stand in it for too long, you will die instantly. If you get hit, use movement skills like Flame Dash to escape as quickly as possible.

Recharge Orbs in Eater of Worlds boss fights

The Eater floats in the air and fires a blue beam of light toward the ground. This field of beam energy expands, dealing significant damage over time and tracking players around the arena. You can go beyond the beam or heal through it, but the degenerative field will expand, even covering the arena until it explodes and kills you.

Purple orbs and grey orbs will appear around the arena, charge the purple orbs to end the attack, the player needs to stand within the radius of the grey orbs for about half a second, at which point they will flash and you will see that the orb on the left has just been destroyed Charge. Do this on each purple sphere and the beam will dissipate. The Eater will return to the ground and you can restart the fight.

Repeat The Eater of Worlds boss fight

When reaching Eater of Worlds, players need to follow the endgame quest steps for Kirac and the Envoy. Advance in Atlas, defeat the Infinite Hunger, then run tier 13, 14, 15 and 16 maps under the influence of The Eater to earn your invitation. Defeat this story version of the boss to grab the Grasping Voidstone, which will level up all maps in your Atlas.

Complete 24 Tier 14+ maps with The Eater influence to get another invite. The second repeatable version of the fight is tougher. This Eater of Worlds will have more health and higher damage, especially if you roll extra modifiers on the invite.

Once you understand the arena mechanics, all combat becomes less difficult. To win the battle better, you can Buy POE Orbs on for help, RPGStash has a professional supply team to help players who do not have enough time to earn Currency, Let you experience the fighting passion brought by POE just like professional players.

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