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EA Sports unveils brand new End of an Era SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with newly retired West Ham midfielder Mark Noble deciding to retire at the end of the 2021/2022 season after 472 appearances for West Ham.

EA has decided to honor midfielder Mark Noble with End of an Era SBC in FIFA 22. Ultimate team players looking for a versatile new midfielder can look forward to completing the Mark Noble SBC.

The end of the FIFA 22 era - Mark Noble SBC stats

Mark Noble is a versatile player in FIFA 22 and another great End of an Era card. Noble's 4* Weak Foot and 4* Skill moves have been upgraded significantly from 3* and 3*. At this stage of the game, only elite cards with a full set of skills are viable, and Noble falls into this category. Therefore, to get a Noble card, it is very important to provide a rough estimate of how many FIFA Coins you need as provided below.

Mark Noble's pace is adequate for a midfielder, but more importantly, his dribbling is an unexpected asset. All of Noble's in-game dribbling figures are 90 or above. Also, his passing is almost perfect. Given his defensive prowess, he can play almost any core role from CDM to CAM.

How to complete FIFA 22 Mark Noble End of an Era SBC

Players will need to give up two teams to complete this SBC: England and the Premier League. Valued at around 218,000 coins, Noble isn't the cheapest option, but completing this FIFA 22 SBC will reward you with a valuable Premier League team player.

Cheapest solution:

England requirements

# of players from England: Min 1
# of TOTW or TOTS players: Min 1
Squad Rating: Min 85
Team Chemistry: Min 65

England solution – Cost: 73,000 coins

Premier League requirements

# of players from the Premier League: Min 1
Squad Rating: Min 87
Team Chemistry: Min 50

Premier League solution – Cost: 144,000 coins

Even if the player adopts the cheapest solution, this is not a small expense, to complete the FIFA 22 Mark Noble End of an Era SBC requires the player to constantly do tasks in the game to obtain FIFA 22 Coins, if you do not have enough It’s time to earn Coins, and RPGStash has already prepared it for you. You only need to go to to quickly buy Cheap FUT 22 Coins. It is safe, convenient, and delivered quickly. It is the best way for players to quickly get FUT Coins.

The Noble End of an Era SBC expires on July 13 for one month. Noble is a powerful midfield addition to a Premier League team, available as a defensive or attacking option depending on your needs. If you don't have Noble on your squad, Noble can also serve as a defensive backup, or even as an offensive backup when you're chasing the game.

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