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Raids in Lost Ark Gate of Paradise are both exciting and frustrating for players. The three abyss and bosses each have their own advantages and excitement, allowing players to experience different challenges, and each boss is full of challenges.

As the difficulty of the challenge increases, players must also upgrade their characters to a level that matches the adventure level in time. Therefore, players must remember to collect coins such as Gold Lost Ark while taking risks. RPGStash will bring you an introduction to Alaric's Sanctuary.

Alaric's Sanctuary Boss 1

Players need to fight two bosses at the same time when they encounter the first boss of Alaric's Sanctuary. One side is fighting against the shark, and the player needs to pay attention to avoid its crit. The other side starts fighting Siren, and the team fighting Siren needs to pay attention to the team clearing mechanic he has.

When Siren reaches 15 health, it teleports to the shark leader and begins a potential team-kill attack. When it attacks, Siren will drop a golden orb and several black orbs on the map.

Players on the empty map need to immediately destroy the golden orb, which grants them a golden aura. Empty map players then need to use the teleporter and head to the map, which has teams fighting two bosses. Then the old map players need to stand still so the Sharks can grab the halo as well.

During this period, Siren will stay in the middle of the map and actively erase the attack for the team; at the same time, the shark boss will rush to the player to attack them. As long as they are in the golden aura, players need not panic as it gives them invincible abilities.

Siren then unleashes his team sweep, one of the most powerful attacks any boss can do in Lost Ark Gate of Paradise. However, players cannot be attacked due to the golden aura. The player can then simply proceed to kill the very unhealthy Kraken, further proceeding to kill the shark.

Alaric's Sanctuary Boss 2

A boss similar to Poseidon is a water elemental. The main mechanic of the boss battle is that the player needs to have the boss destroy all four pillars in the arena.

When the boss reaches his fourth health bar, he will randomly circle the player. During this time, a large red circle will appear around the other players. Players targeted by the boss should be prepared to avoid the attack because the boss's attack will destroy the pillar. Note that players with large circles around them need to stay away from the targeted player, as the boss' attacks will deal a lot of AoE damage to them.

After the Boss breaks the pillar, it will become staggered, and this is the time when all the players will unite to deal with him and deal as much damage as possible. When a boss goes into berserk mode, players should deal as much staggering damage to them as possible. They can use everything from staggered grenades to staggering skills.

One of the most cunning bosses, its final mechanic occurs when he reaches 10 health, which causes him to apply a stacking debuff every time the player is attacked. When the stack reaches five, it freezes the player, making them unable to move.

Alaric's Sanctuary Boss 3

The final boss of the Final Abyss is a very powerful enemy. Players need to be familiar with multiple mechanics, the first one is not complicated to learn. It's pretty much the same mechanic as the previous boss, ie: every five hits the player takes from the boss freezes them, so it's best avoided.

One of the more pressing mechanics the boss has is that every 90 seconds the boss will move to the center of the map and create a safe area around him. He will then place safe areas on the map where players will immediately rush to avoid being hit by his deadly team-killing attack.

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Lost Ark Asura Island is one of a large number of islands in Lost Ark, each island contains many treasure chests that you can loot to get rewards, Lost Ark Gold is your main currency in the game, you will also get Mokoko for completing missions Seeds & Tokens.

Players can't reach a specific island at any time but can traverse to Asura Island at a specific time of day, the island generation is tied to a specific time, and players can use Procyon's Compass to see if it has been generated.

Ashura Island is located in the center of the Sea of ​​​​Storms, east of Phidon. When the island is generated, you can use your ship to travel there. Otherwise, your ship will take unnecessary durability damage. Players can do quests on Asura Island to earn collectibles, island tokens, and mokoko seeds.

Ashura Island Token

Earning blood shards can be used to purchase Challenge of Blood to activate missions. Players can earn by completing challenges in PVE and PVP. The first time you enter Ashura Island, you can start a PVE challenges. These challenges just require you to eliminate monsters as quickly as possible. Kill them to rank on the PVE leaderboards.

First place gives a reward of 15 blood shards.
The second place gives a reward of 14 blood shards.
The third place gives a reward of 13 blood shards.
The fourth place gives a reward of 10 blood shards.
Simply participating in PVE challenges will give you a reward of 5 blood shards.

Whereas PVP players have to face online players in deathmatch. The winner is rewarded with blood shards based on his position on the leaderboard.

First place gives a reward of 100 blood shards.
The second place gives a reward of 80 blood shards.
The third place gives a reward of 70 blood shards.
The fourth place gives a reward of 50 blood shards.
Simply participating in PVP challenges will give you a reward of 20 blood shards.

After obtaining 100 Blood Shards, players can purchase Blood Challenges to begin their search for Island Tokens. If you want to get the highest ranking in the challenge in PVE or PVP, then you can use gold to buy gear to enhance your character skills, if you don't have enough Gold then you can buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold from rpgstash.com to equip yourself quickly.

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Of the two versions of Deadeyes, the Pistoleer tends to be the most popular. The Pistoleer is a fairly mobile DPS class that excels at dealing sustained damage in a more secure range than enhanced weapon builds. They lack some potential damage, but they make up for it with very consistent damage output.

Pistoleers don't have much trouble with gear, focusing on two PVE stats, they don't stack crits like some other builds, which often allows them to get cheaper gear. The rarer the equipment, the higher the difficulty, or the more expensive Lost Ark Gold is required in exchange.

Since gear doesn't take much crit, they will prioritize gear groups that provide attack speed, crit chance, or damage. They will always avoid the crit damage set due to the bonus provided by their specialization stat.

Early Tier 1 – Seraphic Oath

The 2-piece effect of this set grants 8% attack speed through its 2-piece set and 10% damage through its 5-piece set. Completing each stage will reward you with a material called "The Knight's Oath", which can be taken to the Abyss crafting NPC in Northeast Fern or Cirohandel to craft the set.

Late Tier 1 – Boisterous Elemental Set

The set's 2-piece effect provides a stacking bonus that provides 4% attack and movement speed, stacking up to 8% when attacking bosses or higher level monsters. The 5-piece bonus provides 12% damage when attacking boss monsters or higher. Movement speed helps with positioning, attack speed makes our attack animations faster, and damage is just damage.

Tier 2 – Unyielding Will Set

The 2-piece effect of this set grants 8% attack and movement speed for 4 seconds after using a movement skill. The 5-piece bonus provides 15% critical strike chance. Completing each stage will reward you with a material called Guardian's Will, which can be brought to the Abyss Crafting NPC in Northern Yorn or Northwestern Feiton to craft this set.

Mid Tier 3 – Preordained Diligence Set

This set is from the Argos Abyssal Raid, which is unlocked at item level 1340. Completing each stage will reward you with a blood material called Aros, which can be brought to the Abyss Crafting NPC in central Punika to craft the set.

The set's 2-piece effect grants a Solar Buff on hit every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Solar provides 3% critical strike chance per stack, stacking up to 5 times for 15 critical strike chance.

With the 5-piece set, when you reach 5 stacks, you gain the noon effect, which grants 25% critical strike chance for 15 seconds. If another player with the Harsh Oath set Full Moon set bonus is near you when you activate at noon, you'll gain a total solar eclipse for 25% crit chance and 50% crit damage for 15 seconds.

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