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Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra brings a new area, Mirror of Kalandra, a rare poe currency that allows players to create mirror copies of items. New areas bring new challenges, creatures players can fight, loot to collect, changes to endgames, and more.

The Lake of Kalandra expansion pack has classes being balanced, endgames have been improved again, and new skills and support gems will be available. Even some rare monsters will be improved in the expansion pack. Players will get currency items including Exalted Orbs & Chaos Orbs for killing monsters, and if you are lucky, Mirror of Kalandra is also possible.

New POE Challenge League

Lake of Kalandra will take you to the mysterious eponymous region to battle the reflections of Wraeclast in the world of PoE. You can use the Mirrored Tablets you find while exploring the world to customize encounters in the lake, change difficulty, and more.

Players can choose what kind of encounter they want while touring the lake and can choose to banish, skip, or reselect options. Endgame will let you save your customized Tablet as an item that you can carry around and trade.

After completing the challenge, you can choose the item you want to "reflect". Rings that provide +135 health will be reflected as rings with -135 health, and so on. You can choose what to bring with you on your trip. Players can keep crappy items for a chance to turn them into something useful for their builds.

Lake of Kalandra – Endgame Trickster changes

Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra has some improvements to endgames and a specific question category. Boosts defense and gives you the advantage of maneuvering speed. The "One Step Ahead" option in Ascendancy slows enemies around you and gives you an inescapable speed boost. You can also see more including "thematically appropriate defenses."

In the endgame, memory items contain the memories of some key NPCs, which the player can talk to with the NPC in a new dialogue option. For example Kirac, Niko, or Alva. You apply memory to completed maps on the atlas, lead to nearby map exploration, and experience the past experiences of these characters that will bring serious challenges and great rewards.

More on Lake of Kalandra

There is a lot more to POE Lake of Kalandra. Only when players explore, will they know the specific changes and experience these exciting expansion packs for themselves. In the process of exploration, to save more valuable time for you, you can go to rpgstash.com to Buy Exalted Orbs service, which is safe, convenient, and reassuring at a reasonable price.

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Path of Exile World Atlas Introduction

Mapping is an important part of the path of exile endgame, the biggest part of the path of exile endgame boils down to the atlas, which is essentially another big skill tree, but in this tree, each point is an area, a map. So players need to understand the Path of Exile map.

Players can explore different areas based on the atlas, and depending on what you want to do, how your builds work and what you want to play, you can use the world atlas to convert into maps with rare POE Currency to make yourself richer.

What is the map in Path of Exile?

By supplying map items to your map device, you can visit these places, unlock Atlas Points by completing areas, and earn Path of Exile's biggest reward offerings and meet the game's biggest challenges.

The map system also acts as a way for you to play the game however you want. You can invest in specific mechanics, use different maps frequently, change the way the maps you plan to run work, and even change the functionality of your builds through Atlas points. This is the next stage in your character development.

The map itself, as an in-game item, is primarily obtained through drops when the map is drawn. However, you also get some maps later in the event, and you can also buy maps from vendors and get them in different ways. Once the map is inserted into the map device, you can customize the map before you start making the map.

Maps have different levels, 1-16, and they also have different rarities. Maps can be magic, rare, or damaged, and you can convert a map from a normal map to one of these higher rarity maps with different currency orbs. You can also upgrade the quality of the map and use other items to adjust it before running it.

The biggest benefit of knowing the atlas is that it can help players better farm rare POE Items. In any case, as the difficulty of the game increases, the currency items that players need will also increase, so if a large amount of currency items is needed in a short period, It is best to choose a reliable supplier to Buy POE Currency for quick satisfaction.

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The Eternal Labyrinthis is also known as Uber Labyrinth, the highest version of the labyrinth requires level 60, and players must complete 6 special trials to enter the Eternal Labyrinth, a randomly generated dungeon for advanced players. As the final part of the game, players need to complete it to earn the last two Ascendancy points.

At the start of each new challenge league, Uber Labyrinth is the preferred swipe location for swiping large amounts of POE Currency, as it allows players to complete the final game trial and accumulate the required resources as quickly as possible on day one. In short, the sooner you get into Uber Labyrinth, the better your league progress will be.

Collecting treasure keys and opening treasure chests is the main way we get rewards. The rich loot is not only currency, but also end-game maps, level 84 helmets, high-quality gems, and more. So, pick up as many Treasure Keys as you can along the way, they'll drop from Izaro, Argus, Treasure Chests, and Curious Lockboxes.

Additionally, we'll be getting the helmet enchantment in Uber Labyrinth, which is also a great way to get a lot of loot. Enchantments produce effects that benefit specific skills. Each player's skill has two or three of these skill-specific stats.

While getting these enchantments takes a lot of experimentation, and they can lead to some useless items, they can also benefit you a lot.

Therefore, it is important to be able to complete the Uber Labyrinth. Players can gravitate towards builds with high survivability and good mobility, and be at least level 75 before starting the journey.

The above is some knowledge to make your Uber Labyrinth an efficient farming point. If you have time, you can farm a lot of resources in this way. Although this method can get you a lot of Currency, the huge demand is difficult to meet. For a better experience of the game, you can visit rpgstash.com to quickly Buy POE Currency safe, which is also the choice of most people.

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Scourge League Mechanics is the most important game mechanic updated in POE3.16, players will encounter a new alliance NPC - The Last to Die. The challenge continues, to win the game, players can prepare powerful weapons and equipment in advance, POE Exalted Orbs will help you exchange for powerful weapons and equipment.

How to enter Nightmare?

Nightmare is the name of the Scourge Demon dimension announced in the Alliance Preview. Talk to the last dead person and she will give you a Blood Crucible. Players will need to place the Blood Crucible in your inventory, a must-do item in the Scourge Alliance.

Once Blood Crucible is activated, click on it and drop whatever item you want to upgrade into the slot on the left. You can place any item, all armor items have a set of base defense stats that you can check by holding ALT (default) and hovering over the item.

When you start killing monsters, as usual, you'll see a new gauge next to the minimap. It shows how much blood your Blood Crucible needs to unlock new options for your character.

How to switch to realities

Activate Blood Crucible to toggle realities, there will be a mark in the middle. When the player has enough blood, click it and toggle realities. Press V on the keyboard to switch to Nightmare. This means that you will also activate Blood Crucible, entering the new Nightmare dimension.

When you enter the nightmare in the first level, there will be some monsters, but they will be more difficult to deal with. You will need to switch between realms all the time, soaking up blood and converting items to level-up skills. When all collected blood is used up, players will automatically return to where you switched realms. Now you need to keep repeating this cycle until you have enough points to convert your first project. Also, your unused blood will remain in the meter.

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How to Get the League Mechanics Organs Tips

In the previous article, we have mentioned the Metamorph League Mechanics Guide, and players also have a new understanding and understanding of League Mechanics. What I want to mention today is a hint on how to get the organs it needs, which is also an aspect that players are more concerned about.

Especially for novice players, a good guide can help players do more with less in the game, kill monsters, and win more rewards including POE Exalted Orbs. This is what every player lock expects.

Each type of shapeshifting organ in League Mechanics, including brains, eyes, hearts, livers, and lungs, has its rarity, which is affected by the monster's level and rarity. Therefore, the higher the level of the monster, the higher the quality of its organs, and the more generous the reward after killing it. Are you ready?

With the Metamorph being encountered on every map while the Alliance is active, players still lack some type of unique organ to summon the Metamorph to Tane's lab. Usually, this works for the eyes, but maybe you'll miss something else. So how do you get your hands on the coveted 5 different organs?

Vendor Recipe - Any three itemized organs can be sold to any vendor for a random organ in return. This is very handy if you have many organs of the same type or they don't have good loot modifiers.

Clear maps with multiple bosses. Every boss drops an organ, so the meter will almost always fill up, and you're sure to get a unique organ through Metamorph.

A map with 2 bosses:

Acid Caverns Map
Arcade Map
Canyon Map
Coves Map
Excavation Map
Plateau Map
Promenade Map
Strand Map
Tower Map
Maps with 3 bosses
Arena Map
City Square Map
Courthouse Map
Courtyard Map
Crystal Ore Map
Graveyard Map
Precinct Map
Racecourse Map
Vaal Pyramid Map
Vaal Temple Map

Players will drop unique traps after killing Metamorphs on the map, which is determined by the traps dropped by the bosses on the map. So if you happen to need Metamorph Eye, and Eye, Heart and Lung to fall out of the boss, then try not to use the last two to call morph unless you manage to fill the scale without those organs of course, because in this, In this case, the only sub-organ type will drop - the organs of the boss on the map.

Metamorph leagues with simple and comfortable mechanics that give players great rewards in league-specific events. Do you have a clearer understanding of Boss' organs by reading this article? In any case, players will inevitably need to kill bosses, and if you want to win every battle as quickly as possible, it's best to strengthen your character.

The amount of POE Currency required to increase the character level increases with the increase of the adventure level. Players do not have enough time to continuously obtain Currency such as Exalted/Chaos Orbs. Therefore, RPGStash provides game value-added services to help players improve the efficiency of upgrading.

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The Siege of Atlas arrives, bringing four new endgame bosses to Path of Exile. Especially Eater of Worlds, it has a unique mechanism that can destroy unprepared players. Therefore, players must learn to deal with Eater's beam phase, and casual players can accumulate enough POE Orbs to be fully prepared for the challenge.

The Eater of Worlds boss has huge tentacle slams, huge lightning blasts, and all kinds of projectiles to dodge. Of particular note are the floating grey balls around the arena. After touching, your speed will be greatly slowed down, and if you stand in it for too long, you will die instantly. If you get hit, use movement skills like Flame Dash to escape as quickly as possible.

Recharge Orbs in Eater of Worlds boss fights

The Eater floats in the air and fires a blue beam of light toward the ground. This field of beam energy expands, dealing significant damage over time and tracking players around the arena. You can go beyond the beam or heal through it, but the degenerative field will expand, even covering the arena until it explodes and kills you.

Purple orbs and grey orbs will appear around the arena, charge the purple orbs to end the attack, the player needs to stand within the radius of the grey orbs for about half a second, at which point they will flash and you will see that the orb on the left has just been destroyed Charge. Do this on each purple sphere and the beam will dissipate. The Eater will return to the ground and you can restart the fight.

Repeat The Eater of Worlds boss fight

When reaching Eater of Worlds, players need to follow the endgame quest steps for Kirac and the Envoy. Advance in Atlas, defeat the Infinite Hunger, then run tier 13, 14, 15 and 16 maps under the influence of The Eater to earn your invitation. Defeat this story version of the boss to grab the Grasping Voidstone, which will level up all maps in your Atlas.

Complete 24 Tier 14+ maps with The Eater influence to get another invite. The second repeatable version of the fight is tougher. This Eater of Worlds will have more health and higher damage, especially if you roll extra modifiers on the invite.

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