You did it! You wrote a killer cover letter, wowed them in the interview, and landed the job. Now the real work begins, but besides coaching your teams, here are a few other things you should do now that you’re hired.

What to Focus on First?

Once you land the position there are three areas you should get to know well, your resources, your coaches, and your team(s). Knowing your resources can help you make the most of your athletic complex and develop programs that not only flow well, but logistically make sense. This includes understanding how to use all of the equipment in your weight room(s) and knowing what training areas available to use like outdoor fields, hills, stairs, tracks, and pools. This is also a good time to learn what access you have to areas besides the weight room and what kind of scheduling might be involved with using different facilities for your teams. You should also spend time getting to know the coaches of the teams you’ll be working with.

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