Strength & Conditioning Graduate Program

American International College in Springfield Massachusetts is now accepting students for the Masters of Science program in Strength and Conditioning. This is an accelerated Masters degree that can be successfully completed in 16 months with the final four months of the program being entirely dedicated to the completion of an off campus internship at a location of the student’s choice. Additionally, the Master’s program has no research requirement allowing students to focus all of their time and effort on their course work, internships, and applied learning.


The program is designed to provide students with as many opportunities as possible to develop the skills they will need to be a successful strength & conditioning coach at any level of athletics. To help students reach this goal the courses they would be taking heavily emphasize the practical and applied aspects of the profession. Over 50% of the courses in the curriculum directly address topics like designing training programs, instructing exercise technique, and psychological techniques that coaches can use to better communicate with athletes and sports coaches. The scientific foundation courses such as Neuromuscular and Hormonal Aspects of Exercise, Sports Nutrition, and Bioenergetics in Athletic Performance specifically address the most recent theories that that underlie the training programs students will one day be implementing with athletes.


In addition to the courses that students would be taking the program includes two internship opportunities. The first of these internships is completed at AIC where students will get the opportunity to coach NCAA DI and DII athletes. The second internship would be completed during the fall of the second year in the program and the student gets to choose an internship site that best fits their career goals.


The primary goal of the Master’s program is to prepare and educate students so that they leave the program with a great understanding of how to coach athletes of all ability levels and backgrounds, and that they have the ability to effectively communicate the science behind their programs to the people they will one day be working with.


Anyone Interested in learning more about the program may contact the Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning Graduate Studies, Zane Pfefferle at or visit for more information.

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