When I was a strength and conditioning intern at California University of Pennsylvania, I read a long article about the dangers of the different types of shoes that people wear. Obvious shoes made the list including high heels or tight dress shoes, but the article also discussed how most modern shoes are causing problems with feet, back and even hips. The article went on to detail the benefits of not wearing any shoes at all or at the very least switching over to "minimalist" shoes. After reading it, I immediately switched the type of shoe that I wore the majority of the day and swore that when I became a coach that I would implement a "no shoes" policy.

I’ve been the strength and conditioning coach at Canon McMillan School District for over four years now and the "no shoes" policy has been in place successfully since day one.

Read the whole blog here: https://blog.teambuildr.com/why-this-high-school-banned-shoes-from-the-weight-room

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