2010 Crossfit Arnold Expo Savanna Wilson Event #3

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Event #3

row 500m
15- overhead squats (65 lbs)
row 500m
15- toes to bar
row 500m
15- overhead squats
row 500m
15- toes to bar

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  • Kurt, you make some great points and I agree with just about all of them. 1k is way too much and as an avid CrossFitter I hate going to Crossfit gyms that don't stress technique over intensity. Makes my skin crawl watching some of these people DL. Without a detailed understand of ex phys, proper instruction and knowing your own limitations... CrossFit can be dangerous. But so can Snatch, Back Squat, and spinal flexion movements. All dangerous if done or taught poorly. All still widely used and effective.


    I'd be lying if I didn't say I got a little pleasure seeing these posts a year later. Reebok signs a 10yr deals with CrossFit. The CrossFit Games are on ESPN2 now. There was even a commerical during the NFL playoffs....CrossFit's gonna be around for a while.


    So Jason....ya might want to get used to it.

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