2012 Army Football Strength Training

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  • I'm with Josh! I've been watching all these other videos and seeing terrible squats! You guys look great. Great video.

  • excellent video, good to see players actually squatting properly

  • I love the variety in your workouts! The toolbox we use can never be too big. Great job and have a safe season!!

  • As usual.......AWESOME!!

  • Beautiful. God Bless our troops.  THose guys look bigger than Army has in many years, plus seems to be a much bigger emphasis on o-lifts and explosive movement than the old HIT hybrid that seemed to be doing for many years.  Wonderful campus, awesome weightroom, cant beat the aura of being at a place like that.  Gotta be a very satisfying place to coach, the training is carrying those young men into things much more important than football. 


    For those who do not have familiarity of the service academy life and schedule, to be able to keep size on guys with their sleep and academic schedule is not an easy thing.  These guys arent skipping class, sleeping in, picking easy courses to take, or having summers off.  I hope Army football keeps continuing to improve.  I also hope those guys get to take advantage of the sports psych services there, few football programs have access to that sort of thing.


    Awesome job.  Stay Strong, Stay Safe, and thanks for your service both the players and coaches.

  • Great technique, and work ethic! World class!

  • Ralph, we absolutely train the musculature of the neck multiple times per week, just didn't think anyone would want to see that in a video. GO ARMY! BEAT EVERYONE!

  • I miss coaching there...great place to be and awesome people to surround yourself.

  • The athletes appear to be working hard. I hope the current coaches do not neglect the time honored tradition of training the cadet's necks and surrounding musculature. Protecting the Cadet is priority ONE

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