2015 UCF Football Feature: Strength and Conditioning

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From personal improvement to character development, the Strength and Conditioning staff cares about a lot more than just lifting weights. We take you INSIDE ...

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  • Dr. Stout sent me a neat study they did at UCF on women's soccer and altitude.  They used Catapult units in the study to quantify variables etc.Too bad the football, basketball, and baseball teams at UCF don't seem to want to corroborate with Stout, Hoffman et al!  Why is this?  And it happens almost all over the country!  No interaction between academic and athletic departments at our universities on the Big 3 American sports - makes no sense at all!

  • Why don't they work with "sport scientists" in the academic department (i.e., Drs. Hoffman and Stout)?  There's no interaction!  I've communicated with Dr. Stout over the last few months and they do not integrate work with the athletic department for football, basketball, baseball at UCF.  This, outside of the ETSU exception, is a travesty at universities in the US.  It makes no sense at all to not combine academic and athletic departments to work together in this area!  Why aren't other schools doing what ETSU does?????

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