Agile 8 Warm Up Series

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The Agile 8 warm up series is an excellent warm up routine which has been developed by Joe DeFranco. Use this series to get warm before completing any strength, conditioning or training sessions. This session will warm up soft tissue, prepare and active joints and muscles and activate neural muscular pathways to fully optimise your body and mind for the session ahead. Complete (don’t foam roll over joints): 1) IT band foam rolling x 10-20 each side 2) Piriformis foam rolling x 10-20 each side 3) Adductor foam rolling x 10-20 each side 4) Roll over to v-sits x 10 5) Hip fire hydrants x 10 forward & 10 backwards each side 6) Mountain climbers x 20 7) Groiners x 10 8) Static hip flexor stretch 3 x 10s each side

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