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These are all Athletes and Students instructed by Coach Cyrus Peterson of Advanced Training Concepts. Advanced Training Concepts was founded in 2008 by Cyrus...

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  • I forgot to ask you if anyone did anything "right" according to you? In your vast experience.

  • Mike,

    Some of these people compete in Kettlebell Sport on a national level.  I think they know what they're doing with a kettlebell.   That awkward position you speak of is called the rack position in Girevoy Sport.  I doubt that you can match the performance of any of my female athletes with a kettlebell to be honest with you.  As far as weight lifting, these are just vids from training, I'm sure if you post a vide of yourself doing anything with a barbell or kettlebell your technique in every aspect will be perfect.  If you'd like to learn about kettlebell lifting learn from the people who set all the world records in the sport of kettlebell lifting.

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  • *body from 

  • 1. need 100% more hip extension on KB Swings.

    2. go down to at least parallel on squats.  if you cant get down to parallel, work on flexibility until you have flexibility to get down there.

    3. bar moved way too slow on Clean. back rounded.

    4. on clean with girl in red, bar went WAY away from body to from x3 extension to catch.  go straight up, not in a ( motion. 

    5. on all those KB Jerks, you need to get more hip extension, push hips back dont just stand in that awkward ass position the whole time.

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