Boyd Epley - Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Boyd Epley was the head strength and conditioning coach at the University of Nebraska for almost 40 years. When he was hired by the University in 1969, his was the first university-paid strength and conditioning coaching position. Epley's ideas were innovative and revolutionary, and the immediate success experienced by the Husker's football program quickly quelled any skeptics. In addition, his strength and conditioning program became the "gold standard" for other universities to follow. He was the mentor for many top strength and conditioning coaches in the field today on both the collegiate and professional level. Epley's strong belief in the importance and value of a solid strength and conditioning program toward achieving athletic success led him to found a professional organization for others who were interested in pursuing a career in this new and exciting field—the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He also served on the original Board of Directors for the CSCCa and was one of the first ten individuals to receive the prestigious title of Master Strength and Conditioning Coach (MSCC).

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