Catawba Baseball Fall 2016 Training

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Here are some highlights of our guys first three weeks of training. It is broken down by the following:Team warmups consisting of multiposition planks, agilities, combo plyos for pitchers, elevated explosive scissors for stride separation for our position players. Following you will see some of our shoulder and T-spine preventative, tempo squats of which all positions on the team perform.All of our triple-extension OL variations are broken up my position. We split the room with position on the front side, pitchers on the backside. In our initial phase pitchers have performed jump squats, power pulls (the only BB pulling we have them perform where the scap moves vertically. We have them snatch instead of clean-grip.), you will also see them do regular and contralateral DB snatches. Position players power shrug, pause hang clean and power clean.Further you will see some contralateral and band three tempo benching for the pitchers, BB for position players. When our pitchers perform lunges they use bands with resistance in the front and rear to train acceleration and deceleration as they do on the mound. Finally, one of our weekly competitions! #CatawbaBaseball #CatawbaStrength #NoDaysOff

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