Catawba Football 8/18/16

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Today was our first lift of regular the semester after we ended camp. You will see our Wednesday lifting sheet to follow along. Wednesday is primarily our upper body, explosive strength day. You will see some of our general core, UB warmup. Then we split the room line/combo one side, skill the other for our dynamic effort force production. BIGs have resisted VJs to unresisted, skill have KBell VJs to a speed bound.Following we began with snatch work. BIG hang high pull, skill clean-grip snatch. We do not go extremely heavy with snatches. Power cleans and variations are our primary OL on Monday. With most of our auxiliaries we pair them with Major lifts. One, because of time, I get about 38 to 42 minutes depending on the day with our class schedules. Two, we keep our guys moving. After the initial warmup, we're MOVING NON STOP even in-season. With upper and lower body we train all three phases throughout the year varying intensity of course.A little bit how we GET IT DONE here at #CatawbaStrength #NoDaysOff

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