Catawba Women's Soccer Winter Training 2015

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Our Women's Soccer Team had a great off-season of training. Here are some highlights.

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  • So, is it your assertion that male soccer players have stronger 'head and neck muscles' and that's why they incur fewer concussions than women?  That seems absurd.  The higher concussion rate for female vs. male soccer players should certainly be examined, but to assert that its due to a strength deficiency above the shoulders is misguided.

  • I like the effort! Female soccer athletes concussion  at a rate is 6 times higher that their male counterparts. So with that in mind, if you have not prepared the muscles of their head and neck you missed a very vital region of the human body. Why prepare everything below the shoulders and then just neglect everything above the shoulders. You want to do everything possible to protect your athletes from injury.

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