Coaches Corner #4-Dr. Teddy Willsey, DPT, CSCS-Healthy Baller-The Hamstring Conundrum

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Dr. Teddy Willsey from Healthy Baller (@strengthcoachtherapy on the IG) joins us for this month’s coaches corner to discuss some strategies he uses in his clinic for hamstring rehabilitation. Dr. Willsey breaks down this conundrum into three main points: core/postural control, eccentrics, and gait cycle.First, he breaks down how he progresses core/postural control with his patients. Starting with pelvic position and “correction” leads to his hinging progression. Teddy connects how this “core” work impacts his initial hinging progression, and breaks this down step by step along with the how’s and why’s he makes minor alterations to some hinging exercises in his progressions to improve their ability to help assist in the rehabilitation of hamstring injuries.Next, he touches upon eccentric control with the hamstring. He gives some unique examples of exercises, along with some minor alterations to common ones, using a slide board to help assist in the rehab of a hamstring injury. As with the core work, Dr. Willsey gives the reasoning behind he uses this tool, why he makes some alterations, and what is important with these exercises in their role or rehabbing the athlete post injury.In the third portion, Teddy breaks down how he starts to reintroduce running/speed work with his athletes. Starting with the basics of gait cycling he gives us simple things to look for, along with why those specifics are important. This leads right into some “corrective” type exercises, and cues that will help increase the athlete’s ability to have success in using the exercise and progress these assistance exercises at a greater rate. He finishes off discussing the importance of more “traditional” speed type work including marching, skipping, and tempos that leads into examples of how he progresses the running by looking at speed, and why uphill running and sled sprints. Teddy discusses why each of these are productive in assisting the return to play after the injury.Check it out here: the content? Then you should check out The Community! The Community is an extension of The Seminar providing EXCLUSIVE content from some of the best practitioners in the world! Follow the link below to check it out!, #StrengthAndConditioningCoach, #Podcast, #LearningAtLunch, #TheSeminar, #SportsTraining, #PhysicalPreparation, #TheManual, #SportTraining, #SportPerformance, #HumanPerformance, #StrengthTraining, #SpeedTraining, #Training, #Coach, #Performance, #Sport, #HighPerformance, #VBT, #VelocityBasedTraining, #TriphasicTraining

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