Communication Strategies with Sports Coaches & Parents

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The Elitefts™ Sports Performance Coach Education Series is a comprehensive educational resource for coaches in the collegiate, high school, professional, and private settings. This series will take a fundamental approach to various topics that will enable coaches the additional skills to enhance their coaching abilities, improve marketability in the industry, and drastically increase the impact they have upon their athletes.Effective Communication Strategies for Sport Coaches, Parents, and Administrators5 Frustrations for Every Strength CoachStrength and conditioning coaches constantly deal with the external stressors of the profession. The low pay, the long hours, the lack of job security all make it one of the toughest industries to break into, let alone maintain employment in. There is a surplus of coaches and a severe shortage of viable jobs. This imbalance is the major cause of the aforementioned obstacles. The job market is hindered by the underlying issue that constitutes no quantifiable measurement of job proficiency. This lack of evaluation feeds into the state of under-valued coaches.What about factors we can control?Out of all of the internal factors, dealing with the sport coach is undoubtedly the most stressful. The private or high school setting would also add magnify this stress even more. In my experience and my interaction with strength coaches, frustrations about scheduling, programming, facilities, and staffing are minimal compared to understanding the culture, needs, and goals of the sport coach. The continuity and openness of this relationship can build sustainable trust and help make a good job, great. This may be on of the most important topics for strength coaches in terms of longevity in the profession.

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  • Great video Mark! The topics you touched on are not only true and great for a younger strength coach but it is also great for coaches who have been in a system or institution for two, three, five plus years. Taking time to check ourselves and understand what our role is in working with our sport coaches is important. Creates more efficient avenues in communicating and delivering messages with them.  Ultimately, trust and the sport coaches believing in us and our philosophy is the goal. It's a great feeling when a coach believes in you and has all their trust in your program.

  • INCREDIBLE video and a must for all Strength and Conditioning Coaches, especially those just starting in the field.  Was a Division I Strength and Conditioning Coach for over 14 years and 12 years as the Director.  The relationship you have not only with your Sport Coaches but Administrators will have a direct impact on your job.  Mark, keep up the GREAT job.  ALL MY BEST

  • William,

    Thank you for the kind words and I am glad you felt the video was beneficial.  Best of luck to you in all you do.

  • Mark,

    I really enjoyed watching your segment on dealing with sport coaches.  It was educational and helpful and I will apply some of the methods.

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