Conditioning Drill 2016 - Farmer's Walks to Sprints!

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I love to challenge my athletes. This conditioning sessions consisted of Farmer's Walk Suicides after some squats, jumps squats and low intensity plyo work. Two of my athletes had to leave early but the faithful few.The set up: set up cones 5-10 yards apart for about 100 yards...1) Athletes start at first cone with farmer's walk to second drop the dumbbells and sprint back to first cone and sprint back to dumbbells.2) Grab the dumbbells take them to the third cone, sprint back to beginning cone and back to dumbbells and continue all the way down until you reach the last cone.3) At the last cone, grab the dumbbells and perform the Farmer's Walk all the way back to the starting cone.4) This is not meant to be a fast/all out drill. Straight conditioning. If you start out fast, you will burn out. Stay consistent.

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