Denison University S&C Thursday Training Session

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Denison University Strength & Conditioning Coaches & Colleagues The last of the Tuesday Training Session Series for a while. Stay tuned for our monthly Saturday Strongman Training Days and more Denison University Multi-Directional Speed & Agility Sessions. Thursday, January 14th Manta Ray Squat - Kindell 345x3 (PR), Hachat 315x1 (PR) Suspended Yoke Bar Zercher Squat - 345x1 (PR) Buffalo Bar Squat - Clark 462x3 (PR) Suspended Yoke Bar Squat Sumo Deadlift Combo - 440x1, 450x1 (PRs) Chain Push-Ups (7 chains) x3 (PR) Barbell Lunges, KB Rows, KB hand over hand w/ rope, band resisted GHR sit-ups, Suspended GMs, Prowler, Sled Drags

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