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1 hour 15 minutesWarm UpDo the dynamic exercises but in place with a longer hold and only half as much.Perform each exercise for 30sec rest for 10sec.Water break between entire circuit 3 minutes(approx 10-12 min for entire circuit) Complete 4 Rounds of the circuit1. Star Jumps2. Bicycle Crunches (keep your shoulders up alternate side to side)3. Clap Push Ups (not for time, do 15)4. Single Leg Squat Touchdown (to foot) (Left)5. Single Leg Squat Touchdown (to foot) (Right)6. Push Ups X257. Supermans8. Fast Punching (Shadow Boxing)9. Front Planks (with alternating leg raises)10. Side Planks (Left) (Earn a star by raising your Right Leg)11. Side Planks (Right) (Earn a star by raising your Left Leg)12. Squat Jumps13. Wall Sit (no break between Wall Sits)14. Wall Sit15. Split Cycle LungeStretch at the end (calves, groin, hip flexor (Lunge, make sure pelvis is tilted forward), quads, chest, shoulders, and hips).

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