Episode 60: Dr. Bryan Mann, University of Missouri-VBT Updates and Announcements

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We have three major announcements in this edition of The Podcast! First, Dr. Bryan Mann is releasing the 3rd copy of VBT! If you utilize VBT I don't have to ...

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  • This has been forwarded on.  Thank you!

  • Pr Mann,

    Thank you for your quick response. I will try to get the paper.

    if you email me at craigliebensondc@gmail.com I'd like to have my publisher send you my 2 books.

    I feel your explanations and methods for how to determine the needs of the athlete is quite brilliant for its simplicity. I know it's not easy but at least it's clear!

    Thank you


  • Hi Craig!  Here is Dr. Mann's response:

    The equipment:  


    2 1D force plates from Pasco

    2 air links

    1 capstone software total about 800 bucks or so.

    The tests are the countermovement jump without arm swing and the isometric midthigh pull.  In order to not have to type out a long message, here is the link to the papers.  


     You may need a researchgate account to get the paper, but it’s free.

    I’ve been tying the bar down to the rack with chain so there’s no movement on the isometric midthigh pull and using plywood or 1x and 2x12’s to get the platform to the right height.


    Bryan Mann, PhD, CSCS*D, RSCC*D, SCCC

    (PDF) An Evaluation of a Strength Qualities Assessment Method for the Lower Body
    PDF | The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate an assessment method for the lower body and its ability to detect training induced changes in…
  • It was mentioned that there is equipment for $800 to perform the 2 tests & obtain the 4 measurements needed to identify if we have a primary Rate of Force Development or Strength issue. What is the equipment? 

    Also, it was mentioned that the 2 tests are a jump & a pull. Can you please describe these tests in more detail or give me a link to further information.


    Craig Liebenson, DC

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