Front Box Squats

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The Front Box Squat is one of our core exercises... The Front Squat puts a premium on core strength since the bar is in front of your body, as well as an emphasis on the quadriceps -- as you should know the prime movers are the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. We decided to perform this exercise with the straps due to limited wrist flexibility; however, it's an awesome thing because we want to limit the pressure on the wrist and potential wrist injuries. Therefore, the set up would be the same as one would perform the front squat with immaculate flexibility. Furthermore, as with the normal set up the bar should be resting on the upper pectorals very close to the neck (it should almost feel like it's choking you.) In the starting position, the feet should be approximately hip width apart with the feet slightly turned out and the chest elevated. Because the weight might be a little overwhelming at 115 for the female athlete, we had to focus on keeping the chest and rib cage elevated, and as you goes down push your elbows up. This will counteract the tendency to come forward. From the bottom position, push the knees out and use a little dip to activate the muscles of the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and hips to bring you back up to the top. We like to use the box with the front squat because it reinforces the explosive movement needed for the sport as well as assure they are getting deep to stimulate the most significant counteractive movement. The athlete in the video performed 5x5, finishing with 155 for 5x5. This was an amazing accomplishment for her. She knows she need to keep her elbows straight -- that's a real easy fix.

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  • uhm it is what it is

  • @ Darriel... I guess you make the same comment on other videos of people doing the box squat.

  • not a "true" box squat since there is no unload at the bottom

  • Jeff... Thank you for your feedback on the video. I do not really think the angle is a factor, however, her depth is just fine, enough to maximize as you mentioned "the glute recruitment". However, as you have probably read above we wanted to work on explosiveness, which would not have been achieved (in an efficient manner) if the athlete went to deep. Additionally, we vary the depths of this lift and other lifts. Regarding your comment about the clean, I am aware that the deep front squat is a must and that is how my athletes are taught and perform cleans. There are different aspects of the lift and different ways to perform them. The ratio and judgment from male to female has to be taken into consideration as well. I do believe if I had a male client performing this exercise, your comment would be more validated. More so, each athlete and their physiological makeups are so different, therefore, programming has to be so different and with each different client and/or athlete their has to be some modification. I had my other VB players doing front squats with DBs... Whenever my athletes are performing a squat and/or lift they are required to go below parallel if they can... Thanks

  • its hard to tell with the angle but depth could be better. I like to go below parllel on front squats to maximize glute recruitment plus it is easier to do when compared to back squats and if your trying to build the clean a deep front squat is a must. 

  • Again, as mentioned the athlete knows she needs to keep her elbowx straight... However, she looks good in the other phases of the exercise...

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