Indiana Baseball Weight Room Fall 2013

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Strength Coach Jason Robbins

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  • Good work! Love the competition at the end! Great intensity! 

  • Good job coach. Looks like your guys are working hard!!!

  • I said SOME of the worst. It doesn't have anything to do with the players. It's the way they are being trained as if their form is spot on. No one corrects that? Search around on the site and you'll see coaches preaching form before anything. What's the point of training if you're not training the body correctly?
  • The WORST you've ever seen?  Come on, man.  The fact that anyone can get even get baseball guys to go hard and heavy instead of some lame single-leg BOSU crap should be celebrated, not bashed.

  • This video has some of the worst form I've seen on rows, presses, and squats. Clean it up IU.
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