Jason Fraser Metabolic Circuit

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College Bound Wrestler, Jason Fraser improving his wrestling conditioning with tabata style circuits (this video only shows part of the circuit). The circuit not only improves his conditioning but also his power endurance. It is extremely necessary for Jason to be able to display power during the entire wrestling match. I set up the circuit like a college wrestling match (3 min first period, 2 min 2nd period and 2 min 3rd period. During each period Jason worked for 20 seconds followed by 10 second rest. At the end of each period he rested 1 minute. 3 minute 1st period: treadmill 9.5 mph/9% incline, Prowler push for speed, power cleans, speed bag, treadmill and prowler. 2 minute 2nd period: burpees, mini hurdle, chin ups and clean high pull. The final period lasted 2 minutes: treadmill, clean with overhead press, burpees and treadmill. By the way, he performed this circuit after his dynamic effort upper and lower body training session!

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