Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Strength Training 2012

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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Strength Training 2012

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  • And Charlie...maybe they don't do cleans.  they already jump out of the F***in roof and they might not be able to catch the bar properly because their limbs are probably long as F***.  Also so many of these guys are 1 and dones so in the brief time you have with them your time would be better used doing prehab stuff and making sure they aren't injured.  of course, they have plenty of time in the winter because they don't go to class so you likely have the time to teach them that.  

  • Rules of Kentucky BBall S&C:

    1. Don't get them hurt.
    2. Don't fuck them up.
    3. it doesn't matter what you do cause all these guys are freak athletes anyways.  
  • Please show me them Squating and doing Cleans !

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