LSU teaches Soccer Plank Push Ups

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Louisiana State University (LSU) strength and conditioning coach Brad Price, teaches the soccer plank push ups exercise for high school and college (NCAA) athletes ""It?s great to have work out, they hate being that push up loose. They absolutely hate it with ? they have to tighten everything and then they go down and then doing push up and then they just turn and open up. And you want the eyes to fall to the hand up to the sky and we do that because that?s the way I was taught to do it. It?s just simple as that. I mean, it?s a great core exercise, great upper body exercise and quite shoulder stabilization for a lot of times you know, not just winning, but if they fall it?s natural tendency to put your hand down and you gotta do a lot of rotator cuff issues. So, I mean, it?s a lot of injury prevention but it just for overall stronger athlete. I want them to be perpendicular with the ground. They won?t go up or they?re eyes won?t fall to their hand or they won?t do a proper ? with winning if you have problems with proper push ups. And with them, I gotta take what I can get but some better than others, but like I said ? they?re push up now or a thousand times better than they were as being the first trimester.""

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