New Strength - Penn State Football

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Take a trip into the Penn State Football weight room and experience the new strength and conditioning program.

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  • Cant be functionally strong/powerful if your athlete is already a powerful individual. Looks like PSU is starting the rebuilding process-best of luck


    squatting is the best exercise for building overall leg strength when done correctly.  

    He's not talking about having players do weighted blocking drills or QB's throwing a weighted ball, or any of that dumb functional shit.  he's talking about lifts that are going to specifically make them better athletes and better football players, specifically more POWERFUL athletes as football is a POWER sport.  if you dont believe a DB/LB/DL needs to extend his hips on a tackle or a WR jumps off the ground by exerting as much force into the ground as possible by jumping/triple extending then I don't know what to say.  

  • Football Specific Lifts?  See Schmidt and motor learning and transfer of skill. 

  • I just became a Penn State fan!   Fitz is awesome. His programs will take them to a new level of strength they never had before.

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